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Deodorant Myths: What Each Of Us Should Know
Deodorant Myths: What Each Of Us Should Know

How long does a deodorant really work? Should you also use deodorant in the evening? And can the body get used to the deodorant too much? 5 myths - and the truth!

Deodorant Myths: What Each Of Us Should Know
Deodorant Myths: What Each Of Us Should Know

Let's assume that you are using a deodorant. Homemade deodorant or bought, it doesn't matter. Deodorant is now part of body care like brushing your teeth every day or cleaning your face in the evening. And yet there are still some myths about deodorant that we should clear up. We do too, you know us …

5 deodorant myths in fact check

Can one become "immune" to the deodorant?

Huh! I had no idea, but it really is. If you use the same deodorant every day, sooner or later your body will find a way to start sweating despite the sweat brake. So it actually becomes immune to the active ingredients in your deodorant. Means: You should change your product about every six months.

Do men and women need special deodorants?

NO! Hahaha. The packaging may be different (white-pink versus dark blue-black …) but the ingredients? No. Deodorants for men and women have exactly the same effect. Perhaps the smell of men's deodorants is a little bit spicier - but they are usually cheaper than women's deodorants. In a word: BUY!

Does everyone really need a deodorant?

As strange as it sounds, there are people with what is known as the ABCC11 gene. 75 percent of those lucky gene carriers do NOT produce underarm odor. Never. So you definitely don't need deodorant. The rest of us do - at least if you don't want to smell sweat at the end of the day. How do I find out if I belong to the species of ABCC11 gene holder? Allegedly by checking the quality of his ear wax (it stays between us anyway!). If it isn't greasy, sticky, or greasy, but rather dry and flaky, then the chances are high that you won't produce an underarm odor.

Does the deodorant protection really last 24 hours?

A wonderful advertising promise. In fact, there are rules for sweat prevention and product promises. They say: a product that advertises a deodorant effect must reduce sweat by 20 percent. "Extra Strong" products that promise 24 hour protection are said to reduce sweat production by 30%. So there is no such thing as complete protection. For normal days when you do not do any physical exertion, the "Extra strong" Deos are quite sufficient.

Should you apply deodorant in the morning?

We handle it that way. However, there are studies according to which the deodorant should be applied at night before going to bed. The argumentation: At night the sweat production is not so high, the skin is drier. If you apply the deodorant before going to bed, the product can calmly close the pores and thus sustainably reduce sweat production. But if you jump into the shower, the effect is zero. So we'd better stick with our procedure….

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