Skin: what helps with stress
Skin: what helps with stress

The skin on our face best reflects what condition we are in at the moment. Excessive stress and little sleep leave their mark. What helps!

Woman, teeth
Woman, teeth

Oh! My! God! How do I look today, please? The skin of my face is quite out of line. Sometimes it's the dark shadows under the eyes, then a nasty, ugly and unnecessary pimple sprouts, even small pigment spots come to light and the skin is sometimes so horrible. Hand on heart - do you know those horror moments in the morning when you look in the mirror? If so, then welcome to the club! These skin signs mentioned should make it clear to us that our facial skin was exposed to great stress and is now in a state of alarm and is on strike from now on!

The reasons for these skin irritations can be the following: excessive stress in private and at work, too many party nights, little sleep, little water intake, too much sun and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Special care that is tailored to the respective problem can improve the complexion and even hide and soothe irritations. It is important to take the first, alarming skin changes seriously, to find targeted care and to try to contain the stress a little, because in the end it causes the unsightly irritations!


Tired eyes and dark shadows?

Fatigue and stress can be seen most clearly in the eyes - more precisely around the eyes. Since the skin is the thinnest here and has no sub-fatty tissue, dark circles under the eyes, crow's feet, thin lines and wrinkles are particularly evident. Micro-filler products that build collagen, smooth out wrinkles and refresh the area provide immediate visible reduction.


Help, I'm growing a pimple

The most annoying skin problem are pimples! The overproduction of sebum (skin fat) in the sebum glands clogs the pores - the result is nasty pimples. Stress, hormone fluctuations, environmental influences and diet play a major role here. The ingredient salicylic acid has an antibacterial effect, inhibits inflammation and activates natural cell renewal.


Suddenly dark pigment spots?

A common skin condition is hyperpigmentation, which is caused by the overproduction of melanin. Dark pigment spots appear. UV rays, natural skin aging and hormonal changes are the main causes here. Special ingredients can lighten existing stains and prevent them from forming again!


To blush, that reddening of the face

Stress and environmental influences can cause redness in sensitive and dry skin. Most of the time, these areas feel uncomfortably warm. Skin creams with licorice extracts have soothing properties and lastingly reduce skin redness and the feeling of warmth. An integrated sun protection factor is also very important - protects against further irritation.


When the skin is tight and dry

The thirst of dehydrated skin urgently needs to be relieved, because it tends to premature skin aging and the wrinkles are already visible. The feeling of dryness and tightness can also cause flaky skin and itching. Care products with hyaluronic acid should become a daily companion from now on - they provide targeted moisture.

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