Face masks for every skin type
Face masks for every skin type

Cream or mud mask. We'll tell you now which face mask you can pamper your skin with!

Face masks for every skin type
Face masks for every skin type

Cream masks

They have a wide variety of functions: they smooth, ensure a radiant appearance, donate moisture, strengthen the natural skin functions, give elasticity and resilience and have a restructuring effect. There are special eye masks for the sensitive eye area. They smooth the skin and reduce wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. After the exposure time, cream masks are removed with a cosmetic tissue. Any residues are gently pounded in around the sensitive eye area.


Gel masks

Gel masks refresh stressed and tired skin and provide it with moisture. Activating agents such as B. Menthol for revitalization and cooling. They quickly remove traces of hectic and stress, an optimal freshness kick for the skin.


Cleaning masks

Cleansing masks remove loose flakes and impurities from the skin. They refine the complexion and the complexion is optimally prepared for the following care products. There are two different methods of achieving this: exfoliating masks and peel-off masks. Peeling masks free the skin from dead skin with the help of fruit acids or gentle peeling bodies made from natural or synthetic granules. Particularly effective masks contain both fruit acids and peeling bodies. Peeling masks are gently massaged into damp skin and then carefully washed off. Peel-off masks are peel-off masks and mostly consist of a gel that is spread thinly and evenly on the face and then dries. During the exposure time, the gel turns into a thin film that can then simply be peeled off. Any remains are removed with lukewarm water. Removing it stimulates the blood circulation and vitalizes the skin, the film simply picks up loose flakes of skin with it. Additional fruit acids support the detachment of the skin flakes.


Mud masks

They gently remove dead skin, dirt, excess sebum and impurities and are particularly suitable for oily / oily skin and combination skin. They often contain Dead Sea mud, which has a particularly high content of minerals and trace elements, or kaolin (china clay). Mud masks are applied evenly to the décolleté, face and neck until the mask is dry. After the application time, the mud is washed off with warm water. The skin is cleared, the pores refined and pimples prevented.

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