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Dry skin, pigment spots & Co: You can do that against summer care mistakes
Dry skin, pigment spots & Co: You can do that against summer care mistakes

We love summer! But after all the heat, the dry air and the extreme sun exposure, we need a repair program for hair, skin and body.

summer damage
summer damage

What can I do about wrinkles caused by dryness?

Dry season. A lot of moisture has been removed from the skin by the extreme sun exposure - it is dried out, stressed, tight and wrinkles suddenly "adorn" it. The thirst of dehydrated skin urgently needs to be quenched so that the wrinkles do not deepen.

Tips. Products with hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and marine extracts are now in demand - they optimally boost the water supply! In no time, the skin is revitalized and relaxed with chilled (!) Thin cucumber slices - so get to the cucumber!

Why do I suddenly have blemished skin?

We'll clarify that now. Anyone who already has skin problems will have to struggle with blemishes after their vacation. Reason: UV rays & dirt particles put a strain on the skin - the surface of the skin becomes keratinized, the pores clogged, and increased sebum production occurs. The result is pimples, blackheads, and oily skin.

Tips. Salicylic acid-containing products are the be-all and end-all here. They have an antioxidant effect - prevent acne, reduce inflammation and regulate.

How do I get rid of pigment spots?

Patch devil. Fright, let up! Anyone who has soaked up too much sun can expect some pigment spots. The overproduction of melanin causes hyperpigmentation - dark spots appear. Once you have it, you can no longer get rid of it so easily.

Tips. Special care products with anti-oxidants, vitamins B3 and C gently light spots & even out the skin tone. In extreme cases, dermatological treatments can help.

Why is my skin flaking?

Intensive care. Unfortunately, one often forgets that the body also has to be cared for intensively over and over again in order to restore the skin barrier. Especially after a long summer! Frequent showering, chlorine, salt water & UV rays dissolve the natural skin oils. This makes the skin dry, rough, cracked and flaky very quickly.

Tips. Particularly rich body oils lay like a protective film on the skin and care for it so that it is soft to the touch. Gentle peelings also remove dead skin cells.

Help, my hair is so brittle & dull

Pimp my hair. Splashing in the ocean and in the pool is fun, but it has a lot to do with the structure of the hair. The hair is extremely leached, dull and damaged by chlorine, salt water and the sun. Dry tips and faded colorations come to the fore.

Tips. An avocado hair treatment nourishes the hair with valuable unsaturated fatty acids and provides a lot of moisture. This is how it works: Puree 1 avocado, 1 tablespoon honey and 250 g yogurt & leave for about an hour.

How do you make dry lips smooth again?

Kiss me. The skin of the lips is extremely thin, has no sebum glands and therefore cannot produce any autologous fat, so the lips cannot offer any resistance to external influences such as dry air and sun rays. The lips dry out and become brittle and cracked.

Tips. In general, a lip balm with a sun protection factor should always be used! The kissable mouth becomes particularly soft again if you peel it regularly or rub it gently with a cloth.

How can I "extend" my tan?

Tricks allowed. Finally nice and brown, but unfortunately the tan doesn't last long. Sun-stressed skin now needs a lot of moisture so that the beautiful holiday glow lasts longer and the skin does not flake off too quickly and thus the tanned skin comes off.

Tips. After-sun lotions and sprays cool, relax, nourish and soothe the skin. Care with additional Tan Activator Complexes & Echinacea extracts stimulates the melanin production and provides moisture.

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