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With well-groomed lips into autumn
With well-groomed lips into autumn

Autumn brings not only colorful leaves, but also harsh winds and cold. We'll tell you how you can prepare your lips for autumn.

With well-groomed lips into autumn
With well-groomed lips into autumn

We have a strong tendency to believe in ourselves. You can see that in our care habits and clothing habits, which we simply don't want to adapt to the end of summer. No matter how much fog, wind or cold phases should get in our way, we simply push them aside until it is too late at some point.

Well, it's not about life and death, but with precautionary thinking you can avoid later despair. Even with our lips, we often don't want it to be true in autumn that they will begin to dry out if we don't make them weatherproof. That's why we've put together a list for beauty nerds who want to deal with the problems of the future now:

1. DIY lip scrub

Take it like you do with spring cleaning: if you don't clear out, you can't clean up properly either! All of the dead skin can be removed with a nice peeling, which improves blood circulation in the lips. For the basic version, mix a tablespoon of honey with a teaspoon of olive oil and mix the whole thing with a tablespoon of sugar.

If you like it a little fancy, take a teaspoon of coconut oil, one or two drops of an essential oil of your choice and of course a tablespoon of sugar. The latter mixture in particular can be stored well, which is only an advantage because you should repeat the peeling once a week.

2. DIY lip mask

If you have particularly sensitive lips and have a dry kissing mouth with the first cool breeze, you can treat yourself to full drumming moisture with this lip treatment. Simply stir together the same amount of carrot juice and egg white and leave it on your lips for 15 minutes. Due to its many nutrients, carrot juice is valued as a home remedy for dry skin and protein promotes tissue regeneration.

3. Lip care for in between

A lip balm stick is of course well suited to take with you, but you should pay attention to its ingredients. In the early weeks of autumn, it is very important that you still protect your lips adequately against UV radiation, because just because summer is over, the sun doesn't shine any less on hot days. If you make sure you're using natural oils and waxes, not much can go wrong.

And if you are looking for an alternative to classic lip care, you can also fall back on rich eye creams. They often have a light texture and are intended for delicate skin.

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