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How to save time with the beauty routine
How to save time with the beauty routine

How long do you need in the bathroom every morning? Half an hour on average. How you can save a lot of time (and sleep longer) with the beauty routine.

7 tricks on how to save time on your beauty routine
7 tricks on how to save time on your beauty routine

No, you are no exception if you spend 30-40 minutes in the bathroom every morning. That's how long 73% of Austrians need for their morning beauty routine. The shower, the contact lenses, the hair dryer, the liquid eyeliner: there are tons of brakes in a woman's life that delay the beauty program.

But don't worry. We know seven ingenious strategies that you can use to shorten your beauty routine and gain time for other things. Sleep longer, eat longer breakfast … How does that sound?

7 tricks to speed up your beauty routine


EVENING CARE. High-quality serums, moisturizers or masks: you should apply all of this the evening before. First of all, the skin regenerates best at night and can better absorb the valuable ingredients. And on the other hand, you wake up in the morning with a more beautiful and smoother skin. Means: time savings in the morning!


DRY YOUR FACE. I'm sorry, what? Yes. The moisturizer you put on in the morning needs to soak in before you put on makeup or concealer. Only then will the result be beautiful and not streaky, only then will you not simply spread the care all over your face. What helps so that the cream dries and absorbs faster: A shot of cold air from the hair dryer.


GO MINIMAL. You don't need heavy make-up during the day that hangs over your face like paste. Highlighting is your new magic word: a CC cream or lightly tinted day cream to unify the complexion. Then use the concealer to lighten the eyes, cheekbones and the arch of the lips. In the lightened areas you need less product, less time - and still look fresh and lively.


LIQUID MAKEUP IS YOUR FRIEND. Instead of powder or cream make-up, you can work much faster with liquid make-up. Simply apply very little product like a cream and pat in the remains with your fingers. Use cream blush to color the cheeks, lips and eyelids. Monochrome looks are trendy!


SAVE THE EYESHADOW. Of course we love smokey eyes - but it takes a long time before this smoky look is really perfect. Faster and just as pretty: draw a line over the eyelid with a chubby stick and blend it with your fingers.


COLOR YOUR EYELASHES. Instead of messing around with mascara every morning, you can have your eyelashes tinted by the beautician. Makes for deep moments - even right after waking up.


DRY SHAMPOO IS YOUR SAVIOR. Not only does it save you having to wash your hair on particularly hectic mornings, you can also conjure up volume in no time with the skillful use of dry shampoo (without blow-drying around with the round brush for a long time).

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