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Take a shower
Take a shower

Whether as an energy kick or to relax, in the shower we awaken our spirits and let our skin be pampered by aromatic scents and nourishing textures. Head off, shower on!

Let the show (s) begin!
Let the show (s) begin!

Get out of everyday life and into the shower cubicle. Water on, thoughts off! When we shower we come down, wash away bad thoughts and process what we have experienced. For a short time we are only to ourselves, and everything is geared towards relaxation - at least for a few minutes. Speaking of which, our short break under the shower shouldn't last longer than ten minutes. Otherwise we will irritate the skin flora and our largest organ will lose its natural balance. Three minutes are ideal!

Water on, but please be economical

Facts about facts. The very personal me-time is limited to a few minutes. Doesn't matter, because they have it all. Because three quarters of people get their best ideas in the shower! Have you been brooding over a certain thing for a long time or do you lack the necessary creativity? Then get under the shower! But be careful not to let the water flow too hot. The temperature should not exceed 43 degrees. A healthy water temperature is between 32 and 35 degrees. And while we're on the subject of water flow, please always remember to use this valuable resource sparingly. We use a full 15 liters per minute when showering. Only eight liters with economy showers. Investing in a water-saving shower head is therefore worthwhile! Especially with "daily showers". This particularly applies to the dear men. According to a study, they shower seven times a week, us women 6 or 4 times a week. Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, it is best to take care of your hair first and then your body during the time it takes to take effect. That saves time - and water!

What is good for my skin?

Maintain properly. Every body has different needs and needs different care. Most of them resort to shower gel. Light care ingredients are nice and refreshing and ideal for normal skin. If you have dry skin, you should use shower cream. The intensive active ingredients ensure your skin is soft to the touch. Shower oils are perfect for very dry skin. They have a high oil content and put a protective film around the skin that does not let it dry out and provides it for a long time.

Fragrance therapy under the shower

Take a nose. Are you one of the 53% of morning showers? Take advantage of this and adjust the direction of the fragrance to suit your mood! Do you have a stressful day ahead of you? Are you particularly tired today? Then reach for orange or citrus nuances. They have an invigorating and activating effect - that pushes you and you get going! Or are you nervous and an important appointment is imminent? Then get under the shower head with a lavender shower. That has a calming effect. Incidentally, also perfect for evening showers who want to really relax for a moment after a long day at work. Have a good rest at the next "rain dance"!

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