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5 tricks for fuller lips (without a syringe)
5 tricks for fuller lips (without a syringe)

Do you also belong to the narrow-lipped creatures? 5 tricks on how you can get fuller lips very quickly (without a visit to the beauty doc!).

5 tricks for fuller lips (without a syringe)
5 tricks for fuller lips (without a syringe)

My lower lip is still working - but my upper lip? You can search with a magnifying glass. No, I am not blessed with a pout. But rather the "lip line" model. Which is why great lipsticks or glosses are almost a little wasted with me. Nobody would see;-).

No, it's not that bad either. I would still like a little fuller lips. But without a syringe and a beauty doc. Because then I don't need rubber dinghy lips either.

Therefore there is now:

5 tricks for fuller lips


A peeling works wonders. A peeling ensures better blood flow to your lips - and puffs them up a little. Sure: It's not a MEGA effect, you don't suddenly have the mouth of Angelina Jolie or model Erin Heatherton. But the peeling also helps a little. If you don't want to get a beauty product especially for the lips (the skin is thinner and more sensitive here, a conventional facial peeling would be too hard): Your toothbrush is a perfect massage stick. Apply some lip balm and then gently brush your lips.


The concealer trick. Concealer or highlighter optically brightens areas of your face. But you can also use it to make your lips look fuller. For the 3D effect, first surround the lips with concealer and blend it a little outwards. Then dab some highlighter on the Cupid's bow. This is how you create the illusion of additional abundance.


You brush your lips. But you have to make sure that your lip liner and lipstick are exactly the same color and that you work cleanly. Otherwise they have a look like from the late 80s - and whoever has experienced them knows: It wasn't the best time for beauty. So: soak your lips with concealer. Then use the lip liner to trace the outer arch of the lips and then paint in the lips with lipstick. Press your lips onto a handkerchief and then rework with the lip liner. So the result lasts longer.


The ombrè effect. You can also achieve a 3D effect and thus the impression of fuller lips if you mix two different lipstick colors. You apply the slightly darker shade to the edge of the lips, and you set lighter accents in the middle of the lips. The ombrè look creates volume.


A brilliant game. Gloss is a must for thin lips that could use a little more volume. Apply the gloss over the edge of the lip - only then will the desired effect be achieved!

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