Beauty tips for winter days
Beauty tips for winter days

Today on the program: Five simple beauty tips on how to take best care of your appearance in the cold season.

Beauty tips for winter days
Beauty tips for winter days

Cold winter winds and dry heated air are not doing our skin any favors. It dries out quickly and becomes cracked - the result is irritation. In this case, regular application of lotion can work wonders, because our skin is much thinner and more vulnerable in winter than in summer. It is best to use a cream with a particularly high fat content or to refine the daily day care, for example with avocado oil, to get rid of the feeling of tension in the face once and for all.


It is a well-known rule: a person should drink 2-3 liters of liquid per day. This does not only apply to the summer! Even in winter it is necessary to drink a lot in order to be able to guarantee the moisture of the skin from the inside. Fruit and herbal teas are best with a spoonful of honey or hot ginger water.


In winter, those parts of the skin that are not protected by clothing are most affected by dehydration - our lips in particular are very vulnerable. Chapped and chapped lips are not only uncomfortable, but can also be very painful. A tip: lip balm. Or: moisturizing mask for lips.


Our scalp also tends to dry out due to the strong temperature differences. Itchy and flaky scalps can be an annoying consequence. The trick: wash your hair less often. Completely different from summer, our scalp produces less sebum in winter and the hair does not become greasy as quickly. You don't always have to use a hair dryer! Just let it air dry at home is the motto!


Last but not least, our hands are also a big issue! Who does not know it? Although gloves are worn, the freezing cold manages to crack and dry our skin again and again. If you find the annoying hand creaming too tedious during the day because you have to wait forever for the cream to soak in, you should try the slightly different glove variant. The hands are covered with thick cream and put into cotton gloves overnight. In this way, the hand cream can be easily absorbed and you wake up the next morning with velvety soft hands.

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