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Large pores: that helps
Large pores: that helps

SHOULD: A fresh and even complexion! IS: pores. The small, punctiform devils hang around on the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. We are now getting to grips with the annoying beasts, and big problems become very small!

Let's go in depth
Let's go in depth

Pores are the new wrinkles. The little dots are just as feared as the signs of the times. So much so that one speaks of "porexia", the fear of enlarged pores. Understandable, the annoying craters make the skin pale, uneven and less smooth. But no reason to be afraid of it. With the right care and tricks, we can also get a grip on large pores!

Tell me where are you from

Pores are the visible ends of the sebum gland. The skin breathes through them and can absorb oxygen. But there are also channels through which our body removes sebum. This keeps the skin supple. We therefore find the annoying dots mainly on the T-zone - on the chin, nose and forehead. Most of the sebum is produced here. If our pores are clogged with dirt, excessive sebum or dead skin flakes, blackheads occur. Consequence: The sebum can no longer drain away. This leads to enlarged pores and visible sebum - and we start to shine. Sometimes the blackheads turn black. This happens through the oxidation of the melanin that is stored in the sebum. It reacts in combination with air. The unsightly holes in the skin can also be caused by too much sun. The size of the pores is genetically determined by the way. Those who tend to have oily skin tend to have larger pores and are more prone to pimples. But there is also good news for oily skin types: Oily skin is protected from aging for longer, so wrinkles appear later in this case. That's good news! In general, it is important to keep the pores in check with the right care and to ensure that they do not expand. All right, said, done!

Point victory - the right care

Once large, pores can no longer contract. They remain expanded. Now don't panic, there are pore-refining remedies - for lubricating, of course. The care products are not able to narrow a greatly enlarged pore again in the long run, but they can hide it optically with special ingredients. This makes it less noticeable. Astringent products, such as astringent lotions or toners, help soften the appearance of large pores. The active ingredients contract pores and make them appear smaller. Big but: the active ingredients are broken down in the skin, so the result is not permanent. You have to stay tuned! In general, it is important to leave behind care that is too greasy or that promotes sebum. Lightweight fluids and moisturizing gels are better choices. The best ingredients are zinc and salicylic acid. The latter loosens dead skin and zinc reduces sebum production. For very oily skin, which produces an above-average amount of sebum, care with retinol, i.e. vitamin A. Clarifying face masks are just as important. Healing clay helps to refine the pores. In addition, masks stimulate blood circulation and promote the excretion of excess sebum. A good peeling should also be part of the standard equipment and care ritual. Small particles help to open the pores. In addition to all the tutoring from tubes and jars, it is also important to pay attention to nutrition. Proteins, fruits, vegetables, and omega-3 fatty acids are a must. Dairy products should be avoided and restricted. Rather, use oranges and mandarins, these firm the skin and reduce the pore walls. And last but not least, a visit to the trusted beautician helps - regular cleanings and fruit acid peelings by professionals work wonders.

Cheating allowed

With large-pored skin, foundation quickly sticks to the pores. The best ironers are therefore primers. Apply evenly and over it with a mineral make-up in powder form. This is very easy to distribute and does not settle. But doesn't that also clog it up? As long as you cleanse thoroughly enough in the evening, even a little make-up does not have a negative impact on the complexion.

Keep it clean

So the morning and evening cleansing rituals are a must! Otherwise there will be inflammation - and that will lead to blackheads and pimples. To counteract the vicious circle, use the cleansing milk twice a day. And pore-refining facial tonics are the perfect addition to your favorite cleansing product. It is best to also use a facial cleansing brush. There are special attachments for large pores. But be careful, if you clean too much and too aggressively, you will cause the skin to dry out. The sebum glands work overtime, and the complexion becomes greasy and pores again. Eh, eh, not that easy at all. But it pays to stay tuned and your skin will thank you for taking care of it!

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