7 little things that will make you lose weight without dieting
7 little things that will make you lose weight without dieting

Diets are often so tough because they turn our entire eating habits upside down. Therefore, we break it off or afterwards fall back into old habits including the yo-yo effect with ultimately more instead of less pounds. But sometimes a few little things are enough to make weight loss easier and longer lasting!

Lose weight without diet
Lose weight without diet

You are probably like us - home office (and the whole thing with the corona lockdown) doesn’t get along very well with the figure: The refrigerator door somehow magically attracts you and a little chocolate really helps with acute stress - at least we imagine. It is of course suboptimal that the candy drawer is always within reach and well filled …

We therefore asked ourselves how people who seem to hold their weight by themselves do and have it 7 tips for you, how you can not only keep your figure in lockdown, but even shed a few pounds!


Are you plagued by cravings in which you indiscriminately stuff unhealthy things into yourself? Try to switch off the appetite center in the brain with scents: always have lavender, jasmine or rose oil with you in a small bottle and sniff it vigorously if necessary.


Prefer natural foods that only consist of one ingredient: Ready meals and junk foods almost always contain numerous additives and chemicals that you do not want in your body. Instead, cook fresh and yourself with vegetables, fruit, rice, eggs, fish, meat and more.


The practical family pack? D rather not! The bigger the pack of chocolate, chips and co, the bigger your portions will be. Therefore, it is better to go for small sizes!


Drink a large glass of water before each meal. This will make you feel full more quickly and you will not confuse hunger with thirst. In addition, having enough fluids helps to avoid cravings in general and supports your digestion and circulation.


How many hours do you sleep in the night? Because too little sleep can also have a negative effect on the view on the scales. If you don't get enough sleep, your body increasingly produces the hormone ghrelin, which stimulates hunger - especially for foods that are high in calories. With enough sleep, on the other hand, the body releases leptin, which ensures satiety and satisfaction.


Large plates usually look great, but ensure that we fill them too generously and then eat them up "well". Therefore, it is better to reach for smaller plates and automatically enjoy smaller portions.


Out of sight, out of mind: temptations such as sweet and salty foods are best "hidden" in the back of a drawer. On the other hand, you can place healthy snacks such as fresh fruit, vegetables or nuts in a clearly visible place at the workplace or decoratively on the living room table. So you reach for it much more than for the hidden.

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