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Does the stomach shrink when you eat less?
Does the stomach shrink when you eat less?

Losing weight by eating less is logical. But does the stomach shrink when I eat small portions? Until maybe only ONE donut fits in …?

Does the stomach shrink if I eat less?
Does the stomach shrink if I eat less?

First of all, the theory: If you eat less, your super-stretchy stomach will shrink too. Hence, less food fits in, it doesn't feel like an all-consuming "black hole". Or like a bottomless pit. At least we know this feeling with food cravings.

It would be fantastic if it just couldn't fit into our stomachs. A salad, a plate of pasta - finito. Not even biscuits, donuts, mozzarella and the whole salmon pack on top that was actually intended for the morning. Or we could eat a cronut and have enough! Suddenly we would be less hungry, we would automatically lose weight and life would be a dream without renouncement, because everything naturally dissolves anyway.

The stomach shrinks and you lose weight …?

So in theory it sounds like a super deal. A bit like gastric bypass surgery, only without the unpleasant operation. But now watch HOW little you would really eat if you followed this thesis. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition supports this pretty clearly. Overweight people were actually able to reduce their stomach by 27 percent over a period of four weeks - BUT, during that time, they were only allowed to consume 600 calories per day!

Short pause for reflection … That is far less than the recommended 2.00 calories a day for a woman. And so, dear ones, absolutely not enough to meet your energy needs. You would be permanently hanging in the corner like wet, wrung-out rags, unable to play with your children, go to the gym, or do your job with concentration.

And this is also proven by a study by the specialist journal Gastroenterologie: The stomachs of overweight people do not necessarily differ in size from those of people of normal weight. So stomach size is not the most important factor in weight loss. But that you burn more than you eat (through exercise), prefer to eat several small meals throughout the day (against cravings) and that you keep your hormone levels in balance with enough sleep.

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