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How to know that your soul is doing badly
How to know that your soul is doing badly

Gymnast Simone Biles withdrew from several Olympic competitions to focus on her mental health. How you can tell that you should pay more attention to your own psyche - an expert explains.

simone biles, advice, help, mental health, mental health, psyche, psychologist,
simone biles, advice, help, mental health, mental health, psyche, psychologist,

the four-time Olympic champion Simone Biles retired from multiple Olympic competitions this week to focus on theirs focus on mental health. We wanted to know from a mental health expert how you can tell when it is time to pay more attention to your own psyche.

It's like a "Fight against demons". This is how Simone Biles tried to describe her emotions when she announced her cancellation of the individual all-around at the Olympic Games in Tokyo on Wednesday, July 28th. Of the American gymnastics superstar had dropped out of the team final the day before. "Mental health comes first", explained the 24-year-old. "So sometimes it's okay to even skip competitions to focus on yourself. It shows how strong you really are as a competitor and person, instead of just fighting your way through."

Biles received a lot of encouragement

Health is more important than any gold medal: Biles wins for her courageous decision much encouragement. Sports colleagues praise their honest dealings and openly express their respect. There is also prominent support from the show industry. Justin Bieber commented particularly emotionally: "Nobody will ever understand the pressures you are under. We don't know each other, but I'm proud of your decision to retire. It's actually so simple: What does it mean to win the whole world but lose your soul? Sometimes our nos are more powerful than our yess. When what you normally love takes away from you, it's important to take a step back and consider why. People thought I was crazy for not finishing the Purpose Tour but it was the best I could have done for my sanity! I'm so proud of you. "White House press secretary Jen Psaki also tweeted," Gratitude and support are what Simone Biles deserves."

Before Biles also did one in early June other top athletes publicly share their mental problems:The Japanese Tennis player Naomi Osaka surprisingly left the French Open and decided not to take part in the tennis tournament at Wimbledon. The reason: depression. "It's okay not to feel okay" wrote the tennis ace in Time Magazine.

What we can learn from Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka …

Regardless of whether we are a top athlete or not, we should all ask ourselves much more often: How am I really doing? What would be good for me right now? And above all: what not? "Mental health is the central component of a happy and content life", says mental health expert Florian Kalina (

florian kalina, mental health, psyche, mental health,
florian kalina, mental health, psyche, mental health,

"In our society it has meanwhile become established that it is important to take care of your body and to eat healthily. Mental health is (unfortunately) not so much in focus here, but I can see a strong tendency that this area is also the People is becoming more and more important."

“When I look at an X-ray and the bone is broken there, it is perfectly clear and understandable that I need a plaster cast and then I have to take it easy for a few weeks. It should be similar with the psyche."

Role models like Biles and Osaka who openly address their mental health issues are extremely important. They draw attention to a subject that is still too often taboo. Kalina sees a slight trend reversal here, but also believes she knows why mental health is still such a taboo subject: "Because it often happens it is easier to look away, to distract yourself, instead of tackling the problem, overcoming the fear, feeling the pain and then coming out of the crisis strengthened and happy. Just still have it too few people experience how incredibly relieving it can be look and solve his issues. When I look at an x-ray and there is this Broken bones then it's perfectly clear and understandable that I need a plaster cast and then I have to take it easy for a few weeks. To recognize this in my psyche is nice much more difficult but the first important step. There are professional psychological counselors who have been trained to do just that. "Because: Ours mental strength cannot be taken for granted. "That's fine. But that's why it's important to do something about it before we realize we've lost her."

Kalina highlights the importance of being on top mental balanceto pay attention to. Because many physical problems have their roots in mental imbalance and dissatisfaction: "Often people are physically healthy, but get into a difficult situation or are dissatisfied with their life and this naturally has a detrimental effect on their well-being does not take countermeasures here, this can lead to a disease such as depressions etc., lead. "Means: The persistent feeling of dissatisfaction is a first sign. Kalina: "Unfortunately, we are often distracted in everyday life and live so unconsciously that we don't even notice it or we only focus on it when a certain problem has increased. Ideally, you will take care of your mental health on a regular basis. Similar to a visit to the fitness center or a massage that increase physical well-being."

How to find help:

Sufficient exercise in everyday life and a balanced diet also play a role here - a healthy lifestyle is an essential factor. "I would like to underline again, how important it is to live consciouslyand to pay attention to his psychological state ", says Kalina." You can do that regularly do it yourself, but also new perspectives with professional psychological counselors It is important to work out because you have blind spots yourself. And with that we bring ourselves into a state of equilibrium that gets us through life well. "This would be particularly important in exceptional situations. For example, if suddenly a difficult life event occurs, such as the death of a close relative, a separation or a job loss: "A psychological counselor can initiate and support first aid measures and also determine in a qualified manner whether there is a mental illness, which a psychotherapist must then continue to treat, or whether some counseling units and support also help through the crisis."

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