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Sunscreen: You really have to put on SO MUCH
Sunscreen: You really have to put on SO MUCH

How much sun protection do you need to get through the summer well protected? We asked around …

sunscreen, suncare, lancaster,
sunscreen, suncare, lancaster,

When it comes to quantities for sun protection, people like to mess around. A nut-sized piece? Please what nut ?! Or a spoonful right away? How now - tea spoon or tablespoon? We asked two experts how much it really takes to be safe. And that's … a lot!

That went well through the … um sun blanket: When beauty influencer Hanna Schumi clearly showed how much sunscreen alone has to be on the face in order to be adequately protected, a few sun worshipers turned quite pale around the nose.

Admittedly, we were also a bit surprised by the given crowd: "Three fingers thick. More is more!" Yes, that's a lot …

sun cream, spf, lsf, sun guide, sun protection
sun cream, spf, lsf, sun guide, sun protection

… but it has to be! Because: 80 percent of our skin aging comes from the sun. So please save your "You look so relaxed & tanned. Were you on vacation?"

"Too much UV radiation makes our skin look very wrinkled very quickly."

"Please don't cry at 45 and ask me if I know a completely natural beauty product that helps against wrinkles. The birch extract won't fix it. Just sayin", Schumi directs her followers on Instagram.

"So much until it's uncomfortable!"

It's not just about skin aging. The cell damage that sunburns cause is enormous. In the worst case scenario, they can cause skin cancer. Yes, skin cancer is real. Do you know that melanoma is the number 1 leading cause of cancer death in women between 25 and 30? And right in second place for women between 30 and 35! "It can affect anyone. The earlier you recognize various types of damage, the better it is for the cancer prognosis per se. Leave yours Look at the skin once a year, It could be everyone. My youngest patient, who died of skin cancer, was 24, "says dermatologist Kerstin Ortlechner from her practice. She also emphasizes this enormous importance of sun protection. She thinks the amount of three fingers thick recommended by Hanna Schumi is just right: "I always like to quote Prof. Schwarz, he got it right to the point: So much until it is uncomfortable. You should apply that much sunscreen."

Just do it

Do it every damn day, dear friends of the sun. It doesn't matter if it's gray outside or not. There is UV radiation 365 days a year. Otherwise our houseplants wouldn't grow either, just as an example. Beauty experts agree: "If you don't need a lamp to read your newspaper, then you need sun protection." Understood?

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