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Fasting as a booster for intestinal health and immune system
Fasting as a booster for intestinal health and immune system

Let's detox! Fasting is a proven method to get digestion and general well-being going again, as well as to break unhealthy patterns. How to do it right.

Fasting as a booster for intestinal health and immune system
Fasting as a booster for intestinal health and immune system

In order to keep us fit and healthy, we should at best practice sport, do yoga, spend enough time in the fresh air and pay attention to a balanced diet. We know. But often not that easy to implement. At the same time, it is important to treat not only the outside, but also the inside - our organs - well.

A wide variety of influences in everyday life - be it stress, unhealthy food, alcohol or nicotine - can throw our body, and thus our general well-being, out of balance.

Why fast

To detoxify our body, to relieve the organs and ours Strengthen the immune system it is advisable to fast for a few days once or twice a year. If we decide to consciously go easy on the intestines and liver, the body gets new energy: pollutants that have accumulated over time can be excreted.

Most of these microorganisms live in the intestines. Fasting specifically helps the body starve bad intestinal bacteria, while good bacteria can multiply.

You feel noticeably better: The skin becomes more radiant, the Bloated stomach disappears, digestion is reduced, you feel fitter and more relaxed.

How to fast

It's not that difficult at all. The only thing we need is the conscious and serious decision to go through with the fast. One of the most commonly used methods is the one after Otto Buchinger and Hellmut Lützner. Almost a hundred years ago, the two doctors created a concept for clinical therapeutic fasting, which they then modified for the general public in the 1970s. The good thing: the method is very easy to integrate into everyday life.

The basic structure of fasting is the temporary abstinence from solid food (about five to ten days). Instead, the "menu" includes vegetable broths, juices and teas.


However, they are also essential Phases before and after the actual abstinence from food. You should start preparing your body a few days in advance: Eat as lightly and healthily as possible, leaving out meat and luxury foods. In addition, bowel evacuation can be supported with Epsom salts from the pharmacy. Sauerkraut juice is also a good supporter.

After giving up, care is taken to slowly get the body back on to get used to wholesome food: These are so-called build-up days, which are also healthy and easy to eat. Porridge with fruit, vegetables, brown rice or potatoes are particularly suitable because these are largely metabolized in an alkaline manner.

Sports topic: During Lent there are no strenuous workouts. Rather rely on gentle exercises, yoga and long walks in the fresh air.

Desire to fast

Especially for people who want to fast for the first time, there is one Guided fasting trip with trained fasting leaders: insideideal. This ensures that the whole thing takes place in a healthy setting. And even those who are already familiar with it often like to fall back on guided programs: You fast in a team, which makes it easier for many, and you get helpful knowledge about intestinal health and nutrition as well mental support.

The expert platform Lust auf Fasten offers a new kind of online fasting experience and accompanies the participants through a nine-day fasting trip that they comfortably from home can perform. The trainer and support team from Lust auf Fasten ensures that the participants don't have to worry about anything but themselves. Exciting inputs, videos, daily sessions and live support are available at any time, can be ideally combined with everyday working life and are also very suitable for beginners!

With the new "anytime" offer, everyone can start their individual fasting trip when and where it suits best. With the support of the team and live support, all means are available to make the fasting trip a success for everyone, whether young or old, man or woman.

The nine-day fasting trip is divided into three sections:

  • Two build-up days in which the body slowly gets used to fasting
  • Five days of fasting according to the Buchinger / Lützner method
  • Two days of relief to get the body used to normal food intake again

All content for these nine days will be provided by a team of three experts. Fasting coach Barbara Ebner, fitness trainer Valentina Plach and mental coach Jakob Horvat accompany the participants on the joint fasting trip. Each coach provides exercises and tips on their specialty.

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