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We want GLITTER: The perfect nails for the Christmas season
We want GLITTER: The perfect nails for the Christmas season

Just because we can't afford real diamonds doesn't mean we can't wear fake stones on our nails. Preferably a lot!

selena gomez nails diamond
selena gomez nails diamond

Christmas very contemplative? Yes, eh. But the glamor factor is pretty high right now. And that's why we're turning away from the classic red-gold-green color scheme this year and turning to a sea of glitter. And not only with jewelry, but also with our nails!

We were inspired by the nail artist Tom Bachik, who designed the singer's nails for the American Music Awards:

What shall we say The Selena claws did it to us! Mainly because the look can be imitated - even by nail amateurs. All you need is neutral, slightly shiny nail polish and a large pack of rhinestones. Paint the nails and place the stones on the slightly damp paint with tweezers as desired.

Sure, you should have a steady hand, but that's just a matter of practice! We'll see each other as we cover our nails in contemplative candlelight - an activity that is almost as calming as jigsaw puzzles or knitting!

Even more inspo:

For do-it-yourself:

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