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6 tips: this is how your manicure will finally last longer
6 tips: this is how your manicure will finally last longer

Does your nail polish chip off after just two days, even though you invest a lot of time and money in your manicure? Your manicure will last longer!

Cancer diagnosis in manicure
Cancer diagnosis in manicure

Have you taken extra time to treat yourself to a decent manicure at home, or have you put the money into your hands to have your nails professionally painted (maybe even in a trendy design)? Then the last thing you want is for your precious nails to flake off after just two days. While some people's nails are more prone to chipping - especially if the nails are brittle or break frequently - there are certain things you can do to extend the life of your mani. First of all, we all want long, strong, and healthy nails, and the best way to make a manicure last longer is to keep it that way.

We have the best tips and tricks to make a manicure last longer - even up to 10 days. With a little extra care, your manicure can look freshly painted all week long. Promised!

6 simple tips to make your manicure last longer

1. Are you in the nail salon? Ask for a manicure without a water bath

Do you always soak your nails in warm water in the salon? This makes the cuticles nice and soft, but at the same time expands the nail bed. As soon as the water evaporates, the nail bed shrinks again, which causes the nail polish to chip off. Instead, you should simply push your cuticles back in the shower regularly. As soon as it is time for a manicure, there is no need to remove excess cuticles in the first place.

2. Use base coat

Yes. An extra step is always a bit annoying, but this one brings an incredible amount. Base coat protects the natural nail and the actual nail polish has something to "stick" to without damaging the nail itself. Make sure to let the base coat dry completely before continuing!

3. Don't paint your nails too thick

One of the biggest mistakes in DIY manicures is painting the nails in too many layers or too thickly. You should be able to paint a nail with just 3 strokes of the brush: one in the center and then one on each side. Every more stroke of the brush means a higher risk of the nail polish flaking off.

4. Use top coat - every third day

The top coat is like the base coat - the extra work pays off. To ensure that a manicure lasts really long and always looks fresh, we recommend adding the top coat on a regular basis. Top coats with a gel effect are particularly good choices. They don't need UV light, but they still give our nails extra resistance.

Tip: Also paint the "tip" of your nails with top coat or even more on the underside. This way, the end of your manicure will no longer chip off.

5. Use nail cream or cuticle oil every day

Make it your routine to use nail oil every day. It's best to put it next to your bed and use it before bed. If the nail is neatly cared for, no scraps of skin are left behind, you are not tempted to nibble on it and you always look fresh from the nail salon.

6. Invest in rubber gloves

Cleaning, washing dishes and the like are the bosses of every manicure - so wear rubber gloves. Plus, your nails aren't scissors, tweezers, or Stanley knives. Or - yes, of course - they are sometimes a really good substitute. But there are tools for it not for free - our manicure suffers from such "auxiliary work" …

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