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Manicure like a professional? This is how it works at home
Manicure like a professional? This is how it works at home

Soft to the touch: Well-groomed and beautiful hands down to the fingertips? Even without help from a professional? That's fine! We reveal how you can get your hands and nails under control again with a simple home manicure.

DIY: This is how you can easily make the perfect manicure yourself
DIY: This is how you can easily make the perfect manicure yourself

Every three weeks to the beauty salon of your choice to have your Shellac or gel nails refreshed? Unfortunately not possible at the moment. But it doesn't matter. With a DIY manicure in your own four walls you not only save money and give your nails a little breather, they can - with a few tips and tricks - look like they were made by a professional whip up!

DIY: manicure like a professional? That's how it works



Wellness. Thoroughly remove nail polish residues and excess grease with an acetone-free nail polish remover (HERE!). Avoid products containing acetone as they dry out the nails and skin! Gently rub off your nails and hands with a peeling - this smoothes rough areas and frees the skin of dead skin cells. Dip your hands in a warm hand bath for about ten minutes. To do this, heat 1/4 liter of milk, add a dash of olive oil and a tablespoon of honey - this makes the hands particularly soft and the cuticles softer.



To get in shape. Shorten nails with a clipper, glass or sand leaf file. Important: only ever file the nails in one direction! It is best to file from the sides towards the middle of the nail - this prevents the nails from rubbing and splintering! Gently level out grooves and unevenness with a finely grained nail buffer.



Conqueror. Carefully push back the already softened cuticle with a rosewood stick. Under no circumstances cut or pluck, because the delicate cuticle protects the root of the fingernail from dirt, bacteria and injuries. A cracked cuticle makes the nails more susceptible to diseases such as nail fungus. Special cuticle oils protect the sensitive area from dryness and cracks. They also donate a lot of moisture and ensure all-round beautiful nails. Practical: There are great, nourishing cuticle pens for the pocket for on the go and in between. Excuses are no longer accepted from now on! So: go for the pen!



Protection from above. After the DIY mani, a nail polish is advisable. Whether nail hardener, groove filler or anti-splinter varnish - all of them protect, strengthen and provide shine and correct small bumps. Use a base coat, especially before applying very dark nail polish colors, to prevent unsightly nail discoloration.




Special tips

The little extras. Give your nails a break from color polish: remove the polish and only use nail hardener for a week! Pamper your hands often overnight with an extra portion of care: massage in a thick layer of cream, generously treat cuticles with oil, put on thin cotton gloves and go to bed. The result the next morning: super delicate hands. Always use rubber gloves when washing up, this prevents the nails from soaking and the skin does not dry out as much.

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