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These are the 3 best cheap nail polishes from the drugstore
These are the 3 best cheap nail polishes from the drugstore

Expensive isn't always better: These three cheap nail polishes from the drugstore beat many high-end products by far when it comes to durability!

nail polish
nail polish

Nail polish from Catrice

Applause for Catrice's nail polish! Strictly speaking, for the ICONails Gel Lacquer, which is available in the drugstore for a mere 3 euros. We have tested it and we are thrilled - a dream product. The price-performance ratio is almost unbeatable. The most important criterion of our test: durability. Most nail polishes from the drugstore usually score with their price and an unusual color. In terms of durability, however, you often have to compromise. With this nail polish from Catrice, both are right: price and durability. No chipping could be seen for a full 4 days. No wonder that the nail polish is also rated so well online.

According to the manufacturer, the nail polish is enriched with acai oil, which has a nourishing effect on the natural nail. The reason for the ultra-long hold is the innovative shock-shield complex, which is supposed to create the optimal balance between hardness and elasticity.

Essence nail polish

Another cheap nail polish that lasts halfway: The Shine Last & Go! Essence nail polish lasts at least as well as Catrice's. It is easy to apply (100 points for the brush!) And has great opacity. And folks, this nail polish costs a whopping 1.55 euros! Essence proves: Expensive is not always better! It's also vegan and dries ultra-fast.

Nail polish from Kiko

The nail polishes from Kiko are not available per se in the large drugstore chains, but are priced there. The Smart Nail Lacquer is available for 2 euros, for example, and impresses with its durability and the huge selection of 96 colors. The nail polishes are also available in the online shop and in some shops in Vienna.

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