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Are your natural nails a disaster? 4 Rescue Measures That Really Help
Are your natural nails a disaster? 4 Rescue Measures That Really Help

Are you too lazy to paint your nails all the time? Your natural nails split and break off? Then it's time for these 4 affordable bailouts.

Are your natural nails a disaster? 4 Rescue Measures That Really Help
Are your natural nails a disaster? 4 Rescue Measures That Really Help

If you are bothering to paint your nails, it would be nice if things looked like we had just treated them for more than two days. Since this is usually not the case, many use either gel or Shellac or simply leave the painting entirely. One thing is certain: nail polish, shellac, removers and the like put a strain on our nails. We have reported on this in more detail here. But even those who leave their nails completely natural for weeks sometimes have to struggle with cracks and splinters. So that that doesn't happen, we have 4 cost-effective and time-saving tips for you that you can easily implement at home - for the most beautiful natural nails of your life.

Do you want long, well-groomed natural nails? As of today, oil is your best friend

Nails are actually made of horn tissue. And that would like to be cared for with oils. Anyone who has once brushed their nails with oil and pampered them will understand what we mean here. The nail is immediately cared for and strengthened. The best thing to do is to get yourself a nourishing nail oil that can be applied with a brush. In the evening, simply brush on the nails, massage, done. If the contents of the bottle run out, you can easily make nail oil yourself: whether almond, argan, rose hip or jojoba oil, your nails will love it. Alternatively, you can bathe your nails in oil for 15 minutes. Repeat these oil baths about twice a week and you will soon notice a difference.

Short announcement: Do you want to do something good for your natural nails? Treat yourself to a Japanese manicure. You can find all information here.

Caring for natural nails properly: Get a good nail file

Trimming properly is the key to beautiful nails. Nail designers use a wide variety of files and work their way from the coarsest to the finest. It is best to ask your nail salon which files are suitable for your nails. There are also high-quality products in drugstores. If you trim your nails with nail scissors, you should file them all. Don't forget to replace the files every now and then. Glass or ceramic files, however, last a lot longer if cleaned properly.

Nail conditioner: two products we love

Nail conditioners have two main advantages: In contrast to nail oil, they can also be used in the office from time to time and they strengthen and smooth the nail at least as well. Of the Nail conditioner from "Eveline" (Nail Therapy 8 in 1) stays on the nails and gives them a natural shine. A new layer is applied every day for three days. Then simply remove it after a while and reapply. That probiotic nail treatment by "Isa Dora" In contrast, it is quickly absorbed into the nail and is practically invisible. Simply apply to the natural nail once a day and massage in - it does not leave a greasy film and builds up the nail.

Strengthen nails from the inside (and outside): Vitamin D

The "sun vitamin" is essential for our nails. And most of us don't get enough of it … Therefore: ask again explicitly during your health check-up and determine your vitamin D level. A supplement can work wonders for your nails. But be careful: Brittle fingernails can also have completely different causes. Vitamin or mineral deficiencies are also noticeable in the nails.

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