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Our nail polish collection finally serves its purpose
Our nail polish collection finally serves its purpose

Seven shades of red, five shades of pink and at least three different top coats. This year the nail polish collection really pays off!

colorful nails
colorful nails

Good news: It FINALLY pays off to have around 25 different nail polishes: In addition to many other nail trends of the season, our fingers will be really colorful this year. And for that you need - na logo - as many different colors as possible! JACKPOT!

Nagel diversity

What is definitely in the foreground with this trend: to paint every nail in a different color, if possible. You can also mix several colors together to create really special nails. And for everyone who doesn't necessarily count themselves among the most patient or skilful people when it comes to something like this: Nail stickers or glitter polishes are a hot tip. This makes the design even more special and smaller errors can easily be pasted over.

French manicure with that certain something:

Pastel & neon:

Rainbow with a twist:

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