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Oops, suddenly summer: 5 DIY pedicure tips
Oops, suddenly summer: 5 DIY pedicure tips

Finally: bathing season! But your feet aren't really in shape yet? No need to panic: With these 5 tips you will be ready for the beach in no time.

Oops, suddenly summer: 5 DIY pedicure tips
Oops, suddenly summer: 5 DIY pedicure tips

One thing is certain: We more than earned ourselves this summer and therefore no time for foot-related summertime sadness. But before we spread out our towels in the next lido, we'd better do a quick reality check: Well, how about your toenails and the soles of your feet? Are you still waiting to finally be pedicured after the corona-related deep sleep?

Don't worry, we don't all have to run to the nearest beauty salon! We asked the professionals at Baby Foot what tips you can use to achieve a simple pedicure in your own bathroom - and what you should keep your hands off of …

5 easy steps for a pedicure at home

Step 1: With peeling against the cornea

Boss number one: calloused skin on the soles and balls of the feet. Not only does it look unattractive, it is also just annoying. Do you just have to use a callous plane or a pumice stone? D rather not! Because especially if the skin is softened from showering or bathing, this can lead to injuries.

Tip: Use a peeling with natural fruit acids, which gently removes the keratinized skin and prevents regrowth. You have to plan a little more time for this because the detachment process can take time, but after that we will be rewarded with baby-soft skin.

Step 2: creams for suppleness

Once the callus is removed, the motto is: cream, cream, cream! Because the hardening of the foot is also caused by skin that is too dry. Ideally, use a lotion based on nourishing fats and oils, such as shea butter. On the other hand, taboo: alcohol-based products! Because these only dry out the skin additionally.

Tip: So-called spa socks are recommended to keep feet moisturized. Apply generous lotion to your feet before going to bed (yes, again) and then put on the gel socks. These are self-activating and have a moisturizing effect thanks to jojoba oil and vitamin E. Plus: the gel has a pleasantly cooling effect on warm days.

Step 3: Bring the nails into shape

At some point it was probably burgundy, but now only remnants of it can be seen on the toenail? High time for a pedicure! To do this, first carefully push back the cuticle instead of cutting it off, as it protects the regrowing nail from bacteria. A rosewood stick, for example, is soft enough not to damage sensitive skin. Then shorten the nails from the front and sides with nail scissors. Finally, file off with a nail file to prevent ingrown nails.

Step 4: ready for more color in life?

What would a pedicure be without nail polish? Probably rather boring. Because colorful nails are definitely more fun. Red is as good as always in all nuances, but this season it can also be really colorful: With rainbow nails in different shades, the little toe finally gets its big appearance. Whether in more subtle pastel tones or really bright is entirely up to your taste.

Tip:A base and top coat is gentle on the nail and protects it from discoloration. Also be careful when applying: the nails should be completely free of grease! This prevents premature splintering.

Step 5: Foot bath for a kick of freshness

So that the freshly pedicured feet stay cared for as long as possible, you should treat them to regular foot baths. Especially after a long day on your feet, a bath relaxes the muscles and has a pleasantly soothing effect. To do this, bathe your feet in water at about 37 degrees for a few minutes and then dry them off well.

Tip: A foot bath with additives such as essential oils, e.g. from watercress or sage, is particularly recommended. These have an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

What you need for the perfect pedicure

Extra tip against sweaty feet:

Simply put a little baby powder in the shoes you are wearing or directly on your feet. The powder absorbs unpleasant odors and keeps your feet dry.

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