"Rachel" is back - and Chrissy Teigen proves it
"Rachel" is back - and Chrissy Teigen proves it

"The Rachel" is perhaps the most famous hairstyle in the world. Now, a good 25 years later, it is celebrating its comeback!

Trend hairstyle 2021
Trend hairstyle 2021

Model Chrissy Teigen recently posted a short video on Instagram. And thus triggered an avalanche. In the video she can be seen with a new hairstyle. The volume, the steps, the highlights - the entire look exudes massive "Rachel vibes".

The Shaggy Style celebrated its debut in the cult series "Friends" in 1995 and 25 years later it fits perfectly into the time!

In the video that shows her new cut and new hair color, the model ran her fingers through the feathery bezels of her forehead to clearly see the steps and frayed ends that glistened in fresh blonde color. The highlight tone is a warm and saturated mix of deeper golds and lighter blonde that frames the face.

Rachel is back

Fans immediately asked under the video whether she had had "Rachel" cut. Chrissy Teigen didn't answer if Jennifer Aniston aka Rachel Green from "Friends" was her ultimate hair inspiration, she gave credits to her stylist Tracy Cunningham.

The iconic haircut that dominated the second half of the 90s saw a major renaissance this fall and winter, with other celebrities sporting a similar look as well. Last month, Bella Hadid was spotted wearing a Rachel-like look. Selena Gomez also reinterpreted the look in March.

Fun fact:Funnily enough, despite its enduring fame and recurring popularity, Jennifer Aniston never liked the look. "I wasn't a fan of 'The Rachel'," the former Friends star told Glamor in 2015. It seems like some A-list stars will politely disagree and find ways to carry the 90's style into 2021.

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