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We all searched for THIS beauty search term on Google this year
We all searched for THIS beauty search term on Google this year

Like every year, the search platform Google takes a look at what people out there are so interested in. And this year we * all * were on the road as hobby hairdressers!

hair google year in review
hair google year in review

We can't quite believe it yet, but soon, very soon, the year 2020 will be over. Unfortunately, this does not automatically mean the end of the COVID pandemic, but at least we can still plan to start the next and hopefully more pleasant year with vigor and new strength.

Was everything really dominated by the corona crisis this year? If you look at the annual review on Google, the answer is yes! Because the search platform has evaluated the most searched queries and terms from all over the world. Unfortunately, there is a not very precise summary for the German-speaking countries, but the US evaluation amused us: This year, users - in addition to major topics such as US elections or research into vaccinations - showed a burning interest in the subject of hair.

Styling tips …

  • "How do I style curtain bangs?"
  • "How do I style curly hair?"
  • "How do I style long hair on men?"
  • "How do I style long hair?"

Why is that? As part of shutdowns and lockdowns, hairdressing salons were closed again and again in our country and in other parts of the world. Since our hair did not take this obstacle into account and just kept growing, you had to use scissors or a paint pot yourself. You wanted - and certainly still want to - look decent at Zoom meetings!

… & how-tos were particularly in demand:

  • "How to cut a man's hairstyle at home"
  • "This is how I dye my hair at home"
  • "This is how I use the plopping technique on curly hair"

Of course, over the course of the year we tried to support all hobby hairdressers out there with helpful articles. And we want to list them again here. However, you should first read the interview with Karin Ekengren, managing director of the KM-HairAcademy. Because she emphasized in May that you shouldn't tackle every hair problem yourself. After all, nothing is more unpleasant for the hairdressers than when they can no longer save the failures from the home salon. With this in mind: Be careful with some of the DIYs!

  • Plopping: THE trick for great curls
  • The real reason why almost all trend hairstyles this year come with bangs
  • Test: I cut my hair myself - with the help of a YouTube tutorial …
  • Coloring your hair yourself: Instructions & tips for the perfect DIY hair color
  • Long hair: 7 easy hairstyles for hot summer days

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