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We'll wear these hairstyles in 2021
We'll wear these hairstyles in 2021

What's new in hairstyles 2021? We asked the country's star hairdressers and a comprehensive trend preview for you! We now wear these trending hairstyles, haircuts and hair colors.

Hairstyle trends 2021: The most beautiful trend hairstyles for the new year
Hairstyle trends 2021: The most beautiful trend hairstyles for the new year

What will the year 2021 bring? Hopefully change. Or to put it literally - we are ready for a new section.

"In 2021, haircuts that underline the character of the wearer will be the most popular. Because it will be a year in which change is a priority, some will probably dare a more daring makeover," predicts Sonja Thoma, owner of the N ° 11 hair salon.


No matter if cut or color - everything will be a little more extravagant and distinctive in 2021

We consulted the country's color and cut professionals. Sonja Thoma, hairstylist Daniel Doujak and Pia Bundy, head of BUNDY BUNDY reveal this year's hairstyle hits!

These are the cutting trends for 2021

Choppy cut

In terms of pattern, the absolute must have for 2021? Of the Choppy cut. All three experts agree on that! Fringed and with many, many levels, the choppy cut looks a bit like a rocky-wild hairstyle, you can also see that with influencer Matilda Djerf? The hairstyle should be styled accordingly: "Texturizing spray is extremely relevant when you wear this look," says Sonja Thoma. For the look, the hair is either cut shorter in the neck and a little longer in the front or exactly the other way around - like a kind of mullet. "The Choppy Chut will replace the long bob in 2021 and is a super-casual and uncomplicated style," says Daniel Doujak: "The cut is particularly suitable for ladies with a lot and thick hair." By the way, Pia Bundy recommends more daring hair colors for the choppy cut: silver-white, gray and pastel tones.

Tip: If you want to narrow your face optically, the basic length must be at the level of the collarbone. Otherwise you can wear this cut from extremely short to medium length.

Shag cut

Hairstylist Daniel Doujak recommends the for everyone who is not into extreme levels Shag cut, As Heidi Klum wears, for example: "An absolute must for this cut is a pony. Only soft gradations are incorporated and thinned out a little around the face. The pony can be worn in many variations. One of my absolute pony favorites are the curtain bangs. They really suit every type. They are particularly suitable for women who would like a change without changing the color or length. " Two trends united? It couldn't be better.

Curtain bangs

Curtain bangsare also an absolute all-rounder for the new year for Sonja Thoma: "In principle, these are extra-long forehead fringes that either end just above the eye or are even longer and then - like a curtain - to The great thing about curtain bangs? This hair trend can almost act like a soft focus around the face. This can also be seen with Dakota Johnson. The parting is usually placed in the middle for shorter curtain bangs, but also to the side for longer bangs."

Buzz cut

If short, then right - that's Pia Bundy's motto: "If there is a haircut that represents concentrated female power and feminine self-confidence, then it is probably the short haircut. The buzz cut, i.e. the almost bald head, is considered to be absolute trend hairstyle and is a sign of the new feminism. Even Hollywood stars like Cara Delevingne and Kristen Stewart could not escape the temptation of the buzz cut and presented this stylish haircut again and again on the red carpet. The style achieves its full effect through cool color accents such as Violet, lilac or lavender. Speaking of which …

These are the color trends for 2021

Be brilliant

… in 2021 it will remain colorful. "More courage to color" is the motto - and according to Pia Bundy for good reason: "The message of the color trends 2021? No mainstream, no irrevocable rules and above all no fear of change!" Make-up & drag artist Pandora Nox does this perfectly. Less brave? This year, the focus of more colorful hair colors is primarily on the placement. Whether as a highlight in blonde hair, accentuation of the roots or as a colorful explosion of colors, this trend inspires with its individuality and creativity. Best example? The face framing.

Face framing

It has been indispensable for years Face framingand due to the revival of the 90s, 2021 will be even more extravagant than ever. "Anyone who wears two differently colored strands on the left and right knows how extreme this trend can be - seen here at influencer Brittany Xavier. We especially love softer face framing techniques with which the facial features of the wearer can be individually emphasized", reveals Sonja Thoma. In this way, what is actually an extreme trend becomes perfectly suitable for everyday use.


Of course, the Balayage looknot missing. So to speak, came to stay: "In 2021, balayage in the blonde segment will be even lighter, cooler and ashier again, but still very natural. Many shades of brown, especially golden brown, are absolutely trendy. Classic brown becomes with delicate paintings Refined in various gold nuances. Shine and brilliance come first, "says Daniel Doujak.

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