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After reading this article, you can have your bangs cut - guaranteed
After reading this article, you can have your bangs cut - guaranteed

A quick type change before Christmas? Then "Curtain Bangs" - incidentally one of the hottest search terms on Google this year - are just the thing.

camila cabello
camila cabello

Better to admit it right away: You too have flirted with fringes on your forehead. No wonder, because many female stars rock a pony. Sure, the cropped hair section can inspire respect, especially when it comes to wearability and "maintenance". Even trimming must be practiced! Still, not every pony looks like you've drawn a line across your forehead with a ruler.

Because although we are fans of so-called microbangs, we know that this extravagant hairstyle does not suit everyone. Rather, most women actually get on with a gentler form of pony: the curtain bangs! Do you already know Clear! Because this year the search term "How do I style curtain bangs?" one of the most common on google!

The good thing about these bangs? They frame the face and so flatter all face shapes. In addition, you don't have to sacrifice much in terms of length! Prominent wearers? Hilary Duff & Alexa Chung:

If you like it a bit denser, you can also take a gentle step towards "real" forehead fringes. Stars like Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry or Camila Cabello demonstrate it (with their beautiful natural waves!):

How do I style curtain bangs?

If you are a fan of air drying, you don't need to pull out the hair dryer or straightening iron for the curtain fringes. The hairstyle looks particularly casual, especially in summer. If you have stubborn hair with natural waves, you should still work with a bit of blow-dryer foam and hot air so that the hair doesn't get criss-crossed. If you have straight hair and want to add a bit of dynamism and volume, you can achieve this with a straightening iron or curling iron. Soft Hollywood waves that are sculpted away from the face look best.

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