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"Waft Fringe": This 70s hairstyle suits EVERYONE
"Waft Fringe": This 70s hairstyle suits EVERYONE

You always wanted a brow fringe, but you never dared? Then the Farrah Fawcett style is just right for you!

Trend hairstyle 2021: The waft fringe is the further development of the curtain bangs
Trend hairstyle 2021: The waft fringe is the further development of the curtain bangs

Hallelujah, the hairdressing salons have finally reopened - at least here in Austria. We want to celebrate that with a decent type change. We would then be ready for a new beginning (in every sense).

The new trend style of the season is perfect for this: the waft fringe. The softly cut forehead fringes adapt harmoniously to the rest of the hairline and are, so to speak, the further development of the curtain bangs. Stars like Lizzo have already fallen for the trend:

What is special about the Waft Fringe?

The retro silhouette is typical of the look - the long, layered bangs get shorter and shorter towards the forehead and caress the face - exactly as we know it from Seventies icons such as Farrah Fawcett, Goldie Hawn or Brigitte Bardot.

Farrah Fawcett rocked the Waft Fringe back in the seventies

This pony trend really suits everyone

The special? The style really flatters EVERY face shape. "This hair trend can almost act like a soft focus around the face," confirms star hairdresser Sonja Thoma, owner of Hairsalon N ° 11. Thanks to the rather long steps, the cut is suitable for all those who have always wanted a brow fringe but don't want to go all-in. In addition, the Waft Fringe can be styled in a variety of ways.

Influencer Matilda Djerf is * the * figurehead for the Waft Fringe

How to style the Waft Fringe

The pony, which is characteristic in the middle, is easy to care for and is welcome to look a bit undone. "Texturizing spray is extremely relevant for the look", knows Sonja Thoma. For longer bangs, the parting can be done to the side, according to the expert. Otherwise, it is important that the hair is long enough to get the retro wave right. All you need is a round brush or a curling iron and enough hairspray.

Tip:Be sure to ask your trusted hairdresser for advice before getting a fringe on your forehead. They know how to style your very own pony cut and which products are suitable for it. After all, the professionals know your hair type best.

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