That's why Ariana Grande * never * shows off her real, curly hair
That's why Ariana Grande * never * shows off her real, curly hair

In the first lockdown, singer Ariana Grande dropped all covers - she showed herself without a wig and with her natural hair. In an interview, she now explained why we will never see her in public with her curly hair.

ariana grande
ariana grande

Regrowing approach, uncut bangs, broken tips - over the past year we've learned to live with our unstyled, untreated hair. For some, the natural look is still out of the question - which explains the rush to the hairdressing salons. For the others it was an instructive time: Who cares about the hairstyle?

That probably also applies to singer Ariana Grande. In March 2020, she posted an unusual picture: without a ponytail and smooth mane! It quickly turned out that it was her natural hair, which is beautifully curly in nature:

After the posting, the 27-year-old began to speak openly about her hair and, above all, why she doesn't like showing it off. "My hair serves the various roles I play," Grande explained on a radio talk show. The red mane she wore in her Nickelodeon days as "Cat Valentine" and the high ponytail that is her trademark today are a kind of "protection" from the public. Her real hair, which she describes as a "huge curly head", would only be seen by very few people: "It reminds me of who I was as a child and who I am in private."

Also in her song "My Hair" it becomes clear how intimate this topic is for her. There it says:

“Oh baby, don't be scared and touch my hair. I don't usually do that, but I'll show you what it's really like."

By the way, "Baby" means her boyfriend Dalton Gomez, who is a big fan of her curly head: "With him, I can just be who I am."

Will we now see Ariana Grande more often au naturel at events? Probably not, so the singer. "You could say that my ponytail is 'married' to my music. It also allows me to separate the public from the private. And that is not a matter of course in my industry."

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