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The "Queen's Gambit Red" is * the * hair trend in 2021 - and Gigi Hadid is already wearing it
The "Queen's Gambit Red" is * the * hair trend in 2021 - and Gigi Hadid is already wearing it

Alarm, alarm: we see red! The most popular coloration of the season among celebrities and It girls is red in all nuances. Colors like cinnamon, copper, apricot or auburn leave nothing to be desired!


Neo-mom Gigi Hadid was recently back on the catwalk after her baby break. At the Versace show in Milan, she surprisingly presented herself with a completely new look. Hadid's natural blonde gave way to a soft, warm red, colored by the stylist Panos Papandrianos.

Where the top model got the inspiration for the drastic change is clear to every Netflix enthusiast: from Anya Taylor-Joy's character Beth Harmon from the hype series "The Queen's Gambit". She later confirmed that herself on Instagram. (And we'd be lying if we said we hadn't already thought about emulating the fictional chess player.)

Recently, red hair colors such as aubergine and rust red were very popular in the nineties - until such (drugstore) red tones were decried as "too unnatural". Now the reddish head of hair is experiencing a revival, especially among celebrities. Just much more natural and softer.

Gigi Hadid is by no means the only "Queen's Gambit" fan who decided on a new hair color after the series marathon. Anya Taylor-Joy only wore a wig during the filming. In general, Beth Harmon is described as a brunette in the book on which the series is based. "For me, Beth was always a lively redhead," revealed Daniel Parker, the show's stylist, to VOGUE.

These shades of red are all the rage right now

CINNAMON: Beth Harmon aka Anya Taylor-Joy

COPPER: Riverdale star Madelaine Petsch

APRICOT: Actress Abbey Cowen

AUBURN: Zendaya all-rounder

The most important here:The color trend is all about rich tones that also shine beautifully. In other words, colors that only professionals can achieve with their know-how and which then have to be consistently cared for at home.

Red pigments are considered fragile. That is, they are quickly broken down by UV rays. Daily UV protection prevents this. Nevertheless, red needs constant tuition from color shampoos or tints.

With these products you take care of reddish hair properly

The right color is also crucial. Hairdresser Maike Österreicher from Wiener Salon Zweischneidig reveals HERE how to find the perfect red for you

We recommend tints to those who are new to red. In the case of a so-called "glaze", there is no beginning when the hair grows back - it only has a superficial effect and is so much easier to handle. The color washes out after four to six weeks - let's try that!

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