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Why we'd rather not imitate Billie Eilish's style
Why we'd rather not imitate Billie Eilish's style

She broke up - with her green approach: Billie Eilish now has a light blonde mane and looks completely different. A hairdresser explains to us why it is better to leave such radical changes to the professionals.

Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish

Although she is only 19 years old, she has been cultivating her very own fashion and beauty style for years. Billie Eilish combines oversize outfits by well-known designers with crazy hair color combinations. From water blue to granny gray to black mane with a neon green approach: the young pop star prefers extravagant looks …

… Until now, Billie Eilish looked like this:

But now it looks like this:

On the photo posted you can see her with a trendy shag cut in Light blonde!

From black & green to blonde: Not an easy process

Bleaching always means stress for the hair - regardless of the original color. The more stubborn, darker and stronger the pigments, the more complex the procedure is. "Changing from black to blonde doesn't work after one time, because that would put too much strain on the hair," says Sonja Thoma.

The hairstylist and hairdresser runs Salon N ° 11 in Vienna. She would allow for a lot more time: "With green and black you need about three appointments of three hours each." Because not only the hair itself, but also the scalp must be protected when bleaching: "The protective acid mantle of the scalp needs time to regenerate." Theoretically, you can continue dyeing just 24 hours later. But the expert recommends waiting days, if not one or two weeks: "In the meantime, it is essential to treat the hair with care cures. And you should wait until the scalp's natural sebum gland production has normalized again."

Sonja Thoma
Sonja Thoma

What exactly happens when bleaching? "First the hair is swollen with alkalis. Then the cuticle opens up so that the bleach can penetrate deeply," explains the expert. In the case of Billie Eilish, this part alone took several runs, Thoma estimates: "The darker the hair, the more color pigments have to be destroyed."

DIY whitening? D rather not

The singer's posting was liked over 19 million times. So one can assume that some imitators will jump on the blonde trend. The expert warns, however, against doing-it-yourself attempts in your own bathroom: "In the salon, since the lockdowns, we've mostly been busy repairing what many people have broken at home with cheap paints." With bleaching in particular, many would underestimate how strong the red pigmentation of their own hair is, Thoma knows: "Instead of a beautiful beige-blonde, the result is more yellow.

For all blondes who like things more ashy, the expert recommends conditioners and shampoos that are mixed with pigments (e.g. purple or silver): "Depending on the length of the exposure time, the hair can be individually matted and even colored a little."

Do you suddenly feel like a big hairstyle change? We can understand. Billie's ultra-casual cut puts you in a good mood! But it is better to curb enthusiasm than to lend a hand yourself. Hair grows back, but walking around in a beanie for a while? It doesn't have to be!

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