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The myth of genetic hair length: is there anything to it?
The myth of genetic hair length: is there anything to it?

Have really long hair at least once in your life! A dream for many. But supposedly that doesn't work. Because everyone should have a genetic hair length … uh, please how ?!

gigi hadid, long hair, long hair, genetic hair length
gigi hadid, long hair, long hair, genetic hair length

Do you know her These people who have beautiful, forever long hair, while their own somehow doesn't really want to grow? A friend of mine once said that this is due to the fact that every human being has a genetically predetermined hair length. NO WAY, I thought to myself. Has the dream of the mega mane finally come to an end? Yes and no.

The speed of hair growth

The local top hairdresser and owner of the renowned salon Die Wiener Friseure Eniss Agrebi confirms: “That with the genetic hair length is really right. However, it is very different from person to person and depends solely on how fast a person's hair grows. In people with slow hair growth, the hair grows an average of half a centimeter per month, in people with very fast hair growth it can be as much as two centimeters."

hairdresser, hairstylist, eniss agrebi, the viennese hairdressers
hairdresser, hairstylist, eniss agrebi, the viennese hairdressers

But after seven years it's over. This is how long the average life cycle of a hair lasts, after which it falls out. According to Dr. Gregor Holzer, senior physician in the dermatological department at the Donaustadt Clinic, this cycle consists of three phases: the growth phase, the transition phase and the resting phase. "This growth phase lasts about two to six years and determines how long the hair grows," said the doctor.


That said, people who have faster hair growth will get a lot more length together in this first phase than people with slower hair growth. The bad news: “How much longer they get in a month can NOT be influenced by ANYTHING. It is impossible to accelerate hair growth,”explains Profi Agrebi.

Healthy hair is essential

Still, healthy hair is essential for growth. "I think the main problem with many people is that their hair gets broken and breaks off before they even have a chance to get on their longest possible hair," says the expert. “This is not due to the genetic length, but rather that some of them are simply colored to death. For example, if you keep bleaching your hair, it will naturally break at some point. Therefore, you should make sure that only high-quality products are used by professionals. In this way you can guarantee that it can grow healthily in spite of being colored."

Proper hair care

Care is the most important thing. Hair guru Eniss Agrebi emphasizes this not just once. You should use good products - it is best to get advice from the hairdresser you trust as to which is the best care range for you. Even if you want to grow your hair, you should still have a tip cut every three months. "Even if they are so healthy, split ends develop over time."

By the way, according to the professional, you don't have to do without styling at all. One should just make sure to use adequate heat protection.

Wash your hair often or rarely? “It doesn't affect hair growth. If you have a good quality, mild shampoo, feel free to use it every day. That doesn't do any harm."

Care products that promise long and voluminous hair?

“Products that promise that your hair will grow faster are pure money-making and do not help. Because it just doesn't work, "says Agrebi. “Volume is a different matter. After using volume products, the hair appears more voluminous because the hair is roughened. Tiny little barbs appear, the hair no longer lays nicely together and the hair looks more voluminous. Important: they WORK like that. You don't suddenly have more hair or even a different hair structure."

What about nutritional supplements?

“You don't need food supplements if you have a healthy and balanced diet. If you still want to take something, I recommend biotin, zinc, selenium or collagen. Collagen in particular helps to strengthen broken and brittle hair, "agrees. However, the supplements do not work miracles: "If a person has always had thin hair, they will not suddenly get the mega-mane just because they take collagen or biotin."

Hair loss products for the long dream mane?

And what about hair loss products? Do they help with length? Should actually work in terms of thought, right? “I don't think that's possible,” said the professional. "These things are more likely to help with 'real' hair loss and ensure that it is stopped and the hair is stimulated to grow back. If a hair falls out because it has reached its seven years of age, then that has nothing to do with classic hair loss, but rather it has simply ended its life cycle, and a new one will automatically grow here.

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