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Hair trend: give your crepe one more chance
Hair trend: give your crepe one more chance

For years, the zigzag curls were considered an absolute retro hairstyle and a hit at costume parties. But now we're reinterpreting creped hair!

Crimped hair
Crimped hair

Please show who back then (in the 80's or 90's) had a girlfriend with a crepe dish! Then you can surely remember exactly how much the hair smoked when the coveted zigzag waves were formed. Heat protection, what is it? After the very damaging procedure you suddenly had a lion's mane and felt like a pop star.

But over the years this hairstyle lost its coolness. From then on you could only see them at 80s dress-up parties or Bad Taste parties. Here, creped hair can look really stylish. Sure, today's Insta girls are no longer inspired by X-Tina (see above), but by Beyonce or model Joan Smalls.

In addition, nobody says that you have to go all over the place! There are enough modern interpretations of the classic look. For example, with larger, defined waves that are a bit reminiscent of beach waves:

This curly style also has a distinct advantage for women with rather thin hair: the hairstyle automatically appears more voluminous:

How to crepe correctly:

Crepe iron

Advantage: speed / even waves / long hold - disadvantage: heat tends to damage the hair

The method is self-explanatory: plug in the device and crimp the desired strands. Very important: use heat protection! And not too little. It is therefore more recommended for healthy, strong hair. To start with, crepe individual strands in each layer of hair and comb out with your fingers. Don't get too close to the roots - unless you want a really voluminous mane.

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Mini hair rings

Advantage: hair is not damaged / mane can be easily re-styled / you don't need your own device - disadvantage: high plastic consumption / long procedure / short hold depending on the hair structure

Work on damp hair with a little gel or mousse (insider tip: blow-dry the roots smoothly so that no hairs stick out!) And braid strand by strand. The more and the thinner strands you braid, the more extreme the crepe effect becomes.

It is best to let the braids dry overnight. For an extra dose of hold, spray hair upside down with hairspray. If you want a lion's mane, you can comb out the individual strands a little.

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