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Rice water for hair: what can the DIY secret weapon do?
Rice water for hair: what can the DIY secret weapon do?

It should make the hair grow faster, strengthen it, make it smoother and work against split ends. Rice water is the new beauty trend that you have to join. Or? We checked whether the Tiktok hype is justified …

Rice water for hair: what can the DIY secret weapon do?
Rice water for hair: what can the DIY secret weapon do?

Rice and tap water - that's all it takes to make the new miracle cure for your hair growth. People are currently raving about the simple DIY cure on social media. No wonder: If you look at all the advantages of rice water, you are quickly convinced. At least you can try the beauty elixir …

A (meter) long tradition

In fact, the budget is not a new discovery, but, like so many things at the moment, is experiencing a revival. Thousands of years ago it was used as a beauty hack in China by the women of the "Miao" tribe. When you look at the literally meter-long hair of these ladies, you only think one thing: I want to!

How-To: Rice Water in Three Steps

  1. Thoroughly rinse a beaker full of rice with water to remove any dirt and particulate matter.
  2. The cleaned grain is now placed in a container with a lid. To do this, mix twice to three times the amount of fresh water. Stir or shake briefly and wait, wait, wait …
  3. … at least 15 hours. The mixture should remain tightly closed in the container for this time so that the rice can ferment. Then you pour the milky liquid water into a spray bottle. Complete.

Tip: The result does not have the most pleasant scent. If that bothers you, add a few orange peel to the container

Use in the hair routine

It is best to use the rice water as a cure before shampooing. You spray or empty it over the roots and the lengths and let it work for between 15 minutes and an hour. Then wash it off and use shampoo and conditioner as usual.

The result

The minerals contained in fermented rice are said to stimulate hair growth, make your mane shine, at the same time strengthen it and delay graying - say beauty gurus. They also recommend using it once a week.

Is your hair suitable for rice water?

Before you head into the kitchen and then into the bathroom full of action: Warning, (unfortunately) the fermented liquid is not the ultimate solution for all hair types.

Before you start, you should try to find out what kind of condition your hair is in. Fill a glass with water, cut off a short strand, put it in and see what happens to it:

Does it sink to the bottom of the glass or does it level off somewhere in the middle of the water? Then you can start using rice water straight away. However, if it stays close to the surface during the experiment, the treatment could cause your hair to look dry - if so, don't apply it or only apply it every few weeks.

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