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Gray hair: that’s what counts
Gray hair: that’s what counts

More and more women are drawn back to their (hair) roots! Instead of constant coloring and lamination, their motto is very clear: Yay to gray! An expert reveals what is important when it comes to grooming.

Gray hair: that’s what counts!
Gray hair: that’s what counts!

Ready for the gray naissance? Gray hair is no longer just a fast-moving trend, it's an attitude and a statement. And silver hair is also very popular with the younger generation.

Grombré Hair

The Italian model Milva Spina is without a doubt one of the initiators around the topic of Back to the Grays. Your recipe for success? The "grombré look". When mixing gray and ombré, individual colored strands of color are mixed with the natural hair color, creating a wonderful mêlée look. Due to the different shades of gray, the hair also appears visually much fuller, at the same time there is a smooth transition from colored to natural.

Frosty Gray

For everyone who likes to stand out, this cool shade, also known as "granny hair", is the right one! Brilliant color results are achieved here in particular on light hair; for darker hair types, bleaching is a prerequisite in advance. Not extravagant enough yet? Subtle highlights in delicate lilac give the look additional radiance and provide variety on the head. Tip: The color brilliance is retained with silver shampoo.

Wow - they are gray

Hollywood stars like Diane Keaton and Andie MacDowell are probably the best proof that we women are excellent at the signs of the times! Instead of coloring, they (and many other celebrity women) rely on nature and proudly stage their gray hair on the red carpets of this world. But a very clear tendency can also be seen in her younger actresses: gray in all its different facets and nuances!


Tips from the professional

Nina Voraberger, 29, is a quality trainer at Wella Professionals. Regardless of whether it is natural or colored: There are a few aspects that need to be taken into account for a successful gray project. Here is an overview of the most important know-how.

WOMAN: How do I find the right shade of gray?

VORABERGER: The decisive factor for determining the correct shade of gray is the respective skin type. The shades here range from warm, neutral and cool to gray, yellow or red for more mature skin. The salon experts know which color is the right one in the end. And stay away from independent experiments - they usually don't end well!

What role does the hair structure play in choosing the shade of gray?

VORABERGER: The great thing about shades of gray is that the different shades of hair can be optically influenced. By mixing lighter and darker shades, very fine hair is given significantly more volume. On the other hand, those who naturally have very thick hair should go for darker gray tones to take away a bit of fullness from their hair.

Yellow tint: what helps?

VORABERGER: Shampoos with blue and purple color pigments work wonders here, as they have been specially developed to neutralize a possible yellow tinge in the hair. But be careful: Do not leave the products on too long, otherwise there will be a purple tinge again! But you can quickly get it under control with a deep cleansing hair wash. Since the Cannes Film Festival at the latest, gray hair has naturally been a statement.

How can you let the approach grow out as quickly as possible?

VORABERGER: In the language of hairdressers, this refers to the so-called "gray transition" - the transition period from colored to naturally gray hair. The darker the starting point here, the more challenging this process becomes. I therefore advise you to color your hair lighter step by step - either with natural-looking highlights or semi-permanent products. It is important not to change the hair color, but to optimize what is naturally given!

Does naturally gray hair need an individual care routine?

VORABERGER: Yes, definitely! Since the melanin in the hair is lost through graying, care products are required here that ensure shine and easy manageability, such as the new "Silver Glow Salon Treatment" from Wella Professionals. Also important: sufficient moisture!

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