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The 5 biggest beauty mistakes influencers make - according to the expert
The 5 biggest beauty mistakes influencers make - according to the expert

Do you also constantly look at skincare tips from bloggers and influencers in the Instagram stories or read their blog posts? Well, you should enjoy them with caution….

The 5 biggest mistakes influencers make - according to the beauty expert
The 5 biggest mistakes influencers make - according to the beauty expert

"I've seen the influencers' mistakes a hundred times and it drives me crazy," says Susan Yara in her YouTube video that she recently posted on her Mixed Makeup channel. The expert has been working in the beauty industry for 15 years, including as a health editor at Forbes, Glamor and New Beauty. Now she is passing on her expertise to her YouTube followers and shows the 5 biggest skin care mistakes that we have often seen on Instagram.

Mistake # 1: skincare DURING the flight

Most influencers travel a lot and - as we all know - airplane air is anything but good for our skin. That is why many bloggers sit on the plane without make-up and film their skin care routine shortly before landing in order to give the skin another boost in moisture.

"The air in the plane is like the Sahara - extremely dry!"

Not correct, says Susan Yara, because the skin should be prepared BEFORE the flight. Her tip: remove make-up, put a bunch of moisturizer and serum on your face, and THEN get on the plane. In addition, the environment on the plane is not a good place to start your skincare routine. Bacteria everywhere and stale, dry air - it doesn't have to get on our faces.

Mistake # 2: using products in the wrong order

One trend that's often seen on social media is that products are being used in the wrong order. Face mist comes as a finish, which should actually be used as a tonic after cleaning. And serum again as a finishing touch for a glowy look. According to Susan Yara, the rule of thumb applies: the most liquid products first, that is: tonic, then serum and moisturizer at the end. Sounds logical, actually.

Mistake # 3: eye cream too close to the eye

Another mistake Susan saw on Instagram: Many people use eye cream too close to the eye. This can irritate the eye and is not necessary at all. With the movements of the eye, eye cream gets closer and closer to the eye and spreads out naturally. So there is no need to lubricate the product to the edge of the waterline. It's noted, Susan!

Mistake # 4: beauty ops or laser treatments for unqualified personnel

A problem that has to be viewed differently from country to country. Susan reports on influencers who have their cosmetic treatments such as botox or laser treatments carried out on unqualified people. If you want to be on the safe side in this regard, you would rather google more than too little.

Mistake # 5: Many influencers get involved in beauty treatments too young

And beauty treatments mean hyaluronic acid treatments, botox and other beauty treatments that, according to Susan, are unsuitable for young influencers under 25. Apart from the fact that - as the name suggests - they have a lot of influence on their young audiences.

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