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With this make-up collection you can make up Kim Kardashian's wedding look one on one
With this make-up collection you can make up Kim Kardashian's wedding look one on one

Are you looking for make-up for your wedding? With her new beauty collection you can make up Kim Kardashian's bridal make-up one on one.

kim kardashian
kim kardashian

Did you know Kim Kardashian married twice? Once in 2011 with Kris Humphries. This wedding cost around 18 million euros and lasted 72 days. And a second time in 2014. This time with Kanye West, with whom she is still together and has three children (fourth already on the way!). In any case, Kim-K has already gained a lot of wedding experience, especially when you look at her budget for the respective party. And since it is her 5th wedding anniversary with Kanye in May, she wants to share her very personal wedding look with other brides.

And so she revealed at a beauty masterclass with her favorite make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic that she is planning a special collection. Namely as part of her make-up brand KKW. Now the "Mrs. West Collection" has been launched on your website.

The collection includes an eyeshadow palette with quite neutral but very wearable tones, a lipstick set, blush and a highlighter. Brides who like every piece of the collection can get the whole package for $ 100, which is not a bad price at all, considering everything is perfectly coordinated. The collection will be available from May 24th, but you can marvel at (and pre-order) it now.

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