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Why London women have their eyebrows tweaked professionally
Why London women have their eyebrows tweaked professionally

"Eyebrow Pinching" sounds painful, but it isn't! This Ayurvedic massage technique is said to be very effective and even come close to Botox.

eyebrow massage
eyebrow massage

Anyone who has little siblings can safely remember which effective deterrent method pinching was. You could take out a bit of anger on the annoying brother without drawing on parental anger. Sure, that's not the fine grand-sibling kind and those who have never done it should throw the first stone. As you can see, we tend not to associate pinching with spa & wellness. So why should you let your beautician pinch your eyebrows?

What is eyebrow pinching?

For lack of a more elegant term, eyebrow pinching is part of the Ayurvedic head massage. The eyebrows are taken between two fingers and gently pressed at several points.

What are the advantages?

Pinching has an important meaning in the Ayurvedic system: it is supposed to stimulate blood circulation and thus revitalize the area around the eyes and brows. It also reduces swelling and wrinkles.

Where is this service offered?

Treatment is currently becoming a trend in London and is mainly offered in so-called face gyms. They have specialized in the "sporty" treatment of the face. The treatment in combination with other brow treatments such as plucking or waxing is new.

This combination is not yet found in the same way in Austria. But since there is a wide range of Ayurvedic massages (including head massages!), You will surely find what you are looking for.

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