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Why you should definitely wear Blush
Why you should definitely wear Blush

Long before highlighting and contouring, blush was actually the go-to in the daily beauty routine. Recently, however, blush has been forgotten. We want to change that again!

Makeup: Why you should definitely wear Blush
Makeup: Why you should definitely wear Blush

We don't know why either, but it seems like we've stopped wearing blush in the past few years. While blush used to be an integral part of almost every make-up routine, contouring and highlighting are currently used to make the face look a little warmer.

Now it is noticeable that influencers and beauty bloggers are slowly reaching for the blush again. New colors are also being launched at the beauty brands. And we look forward to a Haxerl.

Blush and bronzer are not the same thing

Even if some apply blushes and bronzers in a similar way - the two products have a different purpose. While blush is supposed to make the face look fresher, bronzer gives the face more contour and a "holiday look".

Blush: what color is right for my skin tone?

There are a few guidelines you can follow when choosing a blush color. A good tip is to match the color to the tone of your lips. If your lips are more reddish, a reddish blush is also a good choice.

Make-up artists recommend pale pink tones for light skin, mauve and berry tones for medium skin tones and terracotta-colored blushes for darker skin. In our experience, peach-colored tones suit almost every skin. Tip: Women with an uneven complexion should avoid blush with shimmering particles. If the skin is prone to reddening, peach or beige tones should be preferred, pink or red tones should be avoided.

How do I properly apply Blush?

Women are lucky with oval face: You can choose from a wide variety of blush styles, even applied in a circular shape. For those whose face is very narrow, the blush should be applied wide next to the nose and narrow to the highest point of the cheekbones.

For one rather full face a matte blush should be used to avoid making the face look even rounder. Blush, which is applied diagonally below the highest point of the cheekbones and above the eyebrows, visually lengthens a round face. The shape should resemble a triangle, with a point towards the nose and tapering off to the sides.

A angular face looks a bit rounder and softer with a relatively dark blush that runs from the ear to the base of the jaw.

What should I apply the product with?

This Instagram post sums it up perfectly:

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