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Vitamin Brows: Is This Method Even Better Than Microblading?
Vitamin Brows: Is This Method Even Better Than Microblading?

It's 2020 and we're still on the hunt for the perfect eyebrows. A new method is supposed to promote growth with the help of the targeted use of vitamins.

vitamin eyebrows
vitamin eyebrows

Although it was announced briefly last year, the 90's line eyebrows may not have come back into fashion after all. So we can take a deep breath! Because lately we've been working so hard to achieve the perfect, bushy eyebrows. This is why the topic of microblading has boomed so much.

But why fake it when you can stimulate your own hair growth? Because even if you unscrupulously pulled out all the "unnecessary" hairs in the 90s, you might be able to stimulate their growth again. And that is the highlight of the Vita or Vitamin Brows!

What are Vitamin Brows?

It gets under the skin again, but not with color, but with vitamins! Microinjections supply the hair roots with vitamins and nutrients. Several sessions should be necessary to achieve the desired effect. Unless the hair follicles and roots are so damaged that they can no longer be stimulated.

Where is the Vita-Brows-Treatment offered?

There are only a few providers of the Vita-Brows method in Austria. In the "Nail: Spa Beauty" salon in Vienna, however, we found a suitable treatment: YUMI Brows. According to the website, although no nutrients are injected, the eyebrows can be filled with "keratin, proteins, vitamins and amino acids" through a kind of lamination. The cost is currently 59 euros per session.

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