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Do electric surges really make us more beautiful?
Do electric surges really make us more beautiful?

Lifted brows and more defined cheekbones without a scalpel or needles? Microcurrent devices promise to effectively supply blood to the skin and thus prevent skin aging. We tested it - and spoke to an expert!

Do microcurrent devices keep what they promise for at home?
Do microcurrent devices keep what they promise for at home?

Electricity surges should help you tighten your skin and give it an irresistible glow? Doesn't sound pleasant at first. Stars like Jennifer Aniston or Margot Robbie have sworn by it for a long time: The electro-treatment is supposed to stimulate blood circulation and regeneration and the cells in the upper layers of the skin are stimulated by the impulses. Similar to a jade roller or Gua Sha stone, the microcurrent tool is used in stroking movements towards the hairline. The contours should be tightened towards the top and the face should demonstrably look more defined through this application.

But can that really work?"The mild electrical impulses actually stimulate the facial muscles. The microcurrent acts like a kind of face gym. This leads to a tighter and more lifted appearance," confirms the Viennese dermatologist Kerstin Ortlechner. Above all, according to the doctor, the treatment also activates collagen and elastin production and supports regeneration processes. Therefore, by the way, electro therapy is also used successfully in physiotherapy for trauma.

How do the microcurrent devices work for the skin?

Microcurrent is electrical current in low doses, also called galvanic current. "This is conducted between positive and negative electrodes through the facial muscles under the skin and trains them through the micro-stimulations," explains the expert.

The dermatologist warns that pregnant women, those with heart disease, epileptics, diabetics, patients with florid acne, infections or open wounds on the face should definitely avoid treatment with the beauty tool.

What else should be considered during treatment?

  • Face must be cleansed
  • No makeup before application
  • Start with a slow, low intensity
  • Always use gel / serum
  • Do not exceed the treatment time

What Are the Benefits of a Professional Microcurrent Facial?

The professional microcurrents in clinics or ordinations are significantly higher in strength: "Because everything can also be individually and more specifically adapted to the respective patient - for example current intensity or duration - the effect is also greater," says Ortlechner. The first visible results appear late with devices for home use.

"Unfortunately there is no sufficient evidence-based data at all on long-term effects - especially with home use devices. The positive results are all only very short-term and limited," adds the professional.

Classically established treatments such as botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid or microneedling could definitely not replace microcurrent devices at the moment, Kerstin Ortlechner is certain.


We can confirm all of this after a two-month test phase with the Foreo Bear. Immediately after application, the face actually appears firmer and the cheekbones more defined. By the next morning at the latest, however, the effect is gone, and the swollen eye area has to be reworked. However, the application is always pleasant and the immediate effect is convincing. Nice gimmick! From 200 euros.

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