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Filter ban for influencers on Instagram?
Filter ban for influencers on Instagram?

Naturalness? Not on Instagram! Thanks to numerous filters, faces are conjured up perfectly. To get away from the unattainable ideal of beauty, women post their "real" faces in the #FilterDrop challenge. And suddenly triggered something completely different …

Filter ban for influencers on Instagram?
Filter ban for influencers on Instagram?

On Instagram we only see smooth skin, radiant white teeth, lush hair: they all look flawless and perfect - even though the reality is different. There is no need for extensive make-up or cosmetic surgery: filters are sufficient. And with one click, pimples, dark circles and double chins disappear. Noses become small and tender, the skin plump and smooth.

However, this apparent and clichéd perfection only exists on the screen. It looks different in front of the mirror at home. No wonder that many ask themselves: "What is wrong with me that I do not correspond to these virtual images?" And for some, this also scratches their self-esteem.

# FilterDrop challenge on Instagram

An initiative on Instagram wants to change that: The makeup artist Sasha Louise Pallari has now started the #FilterDrop campaign. She encourages others to show their faces naturally - compared to the beautified filter pictures. A wide variety of women around the world have already responded to this call.

British advertising council intervenes

But there was another positive consequence: The British Advertising Standards Authority got involved and demanded the deletion of Instagram postings by some influencers. Especially when it comes to the presentation of cosmetics or care products, filters would falsify the end result because they "misleadingly exaggerate the effect that the product was able to achieve". Instead, it is recommended that brands, influencers, or celebrities not apply filters at all to photos promoting beauty products.

For Britain at least, that means hope for people who will show themselves what they really look like. A development that we want worldwide!

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