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Anti-beauty tips: With these hacks, your skin is guaranteed to deteriorate
Anti-beauty tips: With these hacks, your skin is guaranteed to deteriorate

Deep pore cleansing and facial massages against wrinkles: Much advice on care products is anything but effective. Beautician Sarah White explains.

Anti-beauty tips: With these hacks, your skin is guaranteed to deteriorate!
Anti-beauty tips: With these hacks, your skin is guaranteed to deteriorate!

"You shouldn't take care of oily skin" - hands up, whoever has heard this sentence before. Or: "Facial massages prevent wrinkles." Everyone has their own personal beauty rituals - unfortunately, many of them are useless. Skin care professional and beautician Sarah White has analyzed the most common beauty mistakes and shows you what you can do for more beautiful skin instead.

Facial massages work against wrinkles

Relaxing massage techniques for anti-aging at home are very popular. There are also really a lot of great exercises - if you want your skin to relax. A recommendation: pull hard on the skin and pull. The result: The skin overstretched - and no longer completely contracts. The older you are, the stronger the effect, because the fibers lack elasticity due to slower regeneration. The vessels in the skin also suffer from this stress.

How to do it right: Acupressure and face yoga help promote blood circulation and regulate overactive muscles. Your facial features appear more relaxed and softer, without negative consequences.

You have to cleanse your skin pore-deep

Has anyone ever told you that you should wash your blemished skin more thoroughly? A rumor that persists. Cleaning the skin down to the pores is anything but sensible. This seriously disrupts the protective layer of your skin. It can no longer hold the moisture and dries out. The lack of moisture creates blackheads that clog the pores. Impure skin becomes even more impure.

This really helps: Avoid classic, aggressive surfactants such as sulfates. As a rule of thumb, the more a product foams, the more intense the drying effect.

Gentle products such as hydrophilic oils, balms or micellar water cleanse thoroughly without drying out your skin.

"Oily skin doesn't need grease!"

The fear of fats on blemished skin is great: after all, they clog your pores, make them unclean or create blackheads. That's why you often hear: No additional lipids on oily skin. Not correct!

You have to know that: Particularly skin-identical fats such as linoleic acid, lecithin, ceramides and the like do not clog your pores. They support your skin protection and are therefore very valuable even for oily skin. And even if it sounds paradoxical: Oily skin can definitely have too little oil.

Hemorrhoid cream helps with dark circles and bags under the eyes

A remedy for the after area against dark circles? Many still swear by it. The idea behind it: the cream pulls the tissue around the eyes together, which is intended to reduce discoloration and puffiness. But what nobody tells you: As a medical product, the cream contains numerous ingredients that can really irritate the skin of the face. These include, for example, lidocaine or cortisone. Not to mention the effect: because both dark circles and bags under the eyes are only temporarily combated.

The better and more sustainable option: Work on the causes of dark circles and bags under the eyes by getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water, ruling out possible diseases, and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Rely on products that dissolve pigmentation and reduce discoloration. By the way: bags under the eyes occur because the muscles in the eye can no longer hold back the fatty tissue - you can also train them with face yoga.

Sarah White is a cosmetics entrepreneur, beautician, and beauty manager. As an international trainer, she has traveled all over the world to train other beauty enthusiasts in the field of skin care. She is the founder of the "iluqua" brand.

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