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Influencer Vivian Hoorn shows us how body positivity works
Influencer Vivian Hoorn shows us how body positivity works

How about if we all stopped dividing ourselves into “fat” or “thin”? Vivian Hoorn got it. You too?

vivian hoorn, body positivity, self-confidence, thick, thin, fitness, healthy, healthy, curvy, fat, skinny,
vivian hoorn, body positivity, self-confidence, thick, thin, fitness, healthy, healthy, curvy, fat, skinny,

"Cause I'm strong enough to live without you, strong enough…" - Blogger Vivian Hoorn hops around in her underwear on her Instagram reel to the Cher soundtrack and gradually throws old pants through the picture. We all know it: Jeans, those too with a lot of belly and popping-in no longer goes over the hips. The pants that squeeze everything in and in which breathing is no longer possible anyway.

Watch it here:

And yet we often don't want to part with the old parts because: "If I have a lose a few pounds, they might fit me again. "Under the motto:" Bye Bye Pants ", Hoorn motivates her followers to pass these pieces on to friends or a second-hand store. The 29-year-old is not only showing us, how body positivity works but still spreads a really good mood.

We put unnecessary pressure on ourselves

And Hoorn is so right about that! Let's admit it, we all have this one piece of clothing that we are in don't fit in (anymore) and annoy us every time we try it on. It is still not given away because the half-hearted desire to finally lose weight haunts the back of our minds somewhere. We say: Stop it!

The truth is: we're not doing ourselves any good by doing this. It is also no incentive to do more sport againand eat healthier. Our bodies change over time. Sometimes we gain weight, sometimes we lose weight. We should do the whole thing look a bit less stressful. At 30, some of us no longer fit in the pants that we did at 20. Some also no longer fit in the pants that fit them a year ago. Who cares? Give it away and buy a new one that you feel comfortable in. As simple as that.

It's absolutely okay not to be a size zero

Most women aren't. Our society doesn't like to see it that much, especially not on social media. Clear, Body Positivity and Curvy Women are always a topic there, but let's be honest: Mainly women who are slim, sporty and perfectly styled dominate.

That's why we think Hoorn is so cool: Your feed is beautiful, the pictures are aesthetic. And although at first glance they are clearly in that supposedly perfect scheme a lifestyle blogger falls, she shows herself for who she is. she does not hide its rolls and dents, something that many of us still struggle with.

The 29-year-old encourages her 538,000 followers to to accept yourselfand feel good You can also wear figure-hugging clothes if you don't have a flat stomach. Crop-tops or cut-outs are not just reserved for a specific body type. And yes, you can post bikini photos - no matter how many kilos you have, put on your bathing outfit and go!

“If you try on shoes that are uncomfortable, you don't think there's anything wrong with your feet. It should be the same with clothing."

We're just driving ourselves crazy and letting ourselves feel like we're not good for who we are. We need to stop feeling too fat all the time and generally to see "thick" as something negative.

More reality on Instagram

Fortunately, there are more and more women on Instagram who dare.

Dare to be real. Show real bodies. Don't hide behind filters, blurs and other editing tools.

Rianne Meijer, Vivian Hoorn's best friend, is one of these great women. Be sure to watch the pair's Instagram series until the end. It is worth it!

“By the way, loving yourself doesn't mean that you literally have to love yourself 356 days a year. That's impossible,”says the Viennese influencer Christl Clear. “It means that you yourself accept as you are. On bad and good days (…) It takes practice. But what I'm saying is: When you finally do it, it's incredibly liberating!"

Singer Lizzo, another figurehead of the body positivity movement, gets straight to the point when she shares the following thoughts with her fans: “I did a detox and I'm still fat. I love my body and I am still fat. I am beautiful and I am still fat. These things are not mutually exclusive."

"Fat" is not to be equated with "negative"

Thick and thin. These should actually be two completely value-free, side-by-side attributes that different shapesdescribe. Why is one good and the other bad? Why do you congratulate people who have lost weight and criticize people when they gain weight? We should urgently change our mindset in this regard. And one more thing: No matter whether you have 50 or 150 kilos, no one has the right to convince you that your body is wrong.

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