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Solid Beauty: How Good Are Solid Care Products?
Solid Beauty: How Good Are Solid Care Products?

Free of plastic, produce hardly any waste and are practical for on the go: care products in solid form are booming. We'll show you what zero-waste alternatives can do and how to use them correctly!

solid beauty
solid beauty

Solid care products are another big step towards sustainability. Because they produce less (plastic) waste. This is because conventional shampoos, lotions and the like consist to a large extent of water and have to be specially packaged due to their creamy, liquid or gel-like consistency. Solid products get by with significantly less, such as a cardboard box or no packaging at all. So that solid cosmetics retain their shape, their water is withdrawn, making them much more concentrated, more efficient and, by dispensing with preservatives, often better tolerated by sensitive skin types.

Another plus point: The compact goodies are very long-lasting. A shampoo or shower bar, for example, should be as economical as two or even three bottles of liquid product. Microplastics are also not found in Solid Beauty - good for the seas and their inhabitants! And: Beauty bars are ideal for traveling and can simply be carried in hand luggage!

Body bars

Solid shower gel is not a normal bar of soap per se, as we know it from grandma. Shower bars are normal shower gel from which water has been removed. The nourishing ingredients are the same, only silicones, paraffins, preservatives and the like remain outside. It is easy to use: wet the skin and rub the solid goodie gently into it. Complete! Incidentally, this is also how a firm peeling works. But deodorant, body and hand lotions are also compact and waste-saving. Simply rub it over dry skin.

Face bars

Solid cleaning products usually have to be moistened with water and foamed between the hands. Then apply the foam and wash off. Day care with a bar is just as easy: simply slide it over your face or warm the goodie between your hands and distribute it with your fingers. Solid Beauty is generally suitable for every skin type. You just have to pay attention to the right products for your own needs. A beautiful smile is also part of the face and therefore: toothpaste! With the fixed version, simply moisten the toothbrush and brush it over the pasta block.

Hair bars

The biggest beauty boom last year was definitely shampoo bars. They are practically the pioneers of compact care. Niche brands, but also big brands, all brought out shampoo in solid form. But what many do not know until now: There is a difference between solid shampoo and hair soap. The former is like its liquid counterpart, i.e. with surfactants, oils and fragrances, only water was removed and the product pressed into soap form. The latter result from the saponification of fats and oils, made with lye. Here you should then one "Acid rinse" (Combination of water and vinegar) to avoid stringy residues. This closes the hair flakes and provides shine.

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