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Are you going to buy a coat this year? Then please one of these
Are you going to buy a coat this year? Then please one of these

Have you unpacked your winter coats yet? Are you longing for a new model? We tell you which coats are trending in 2020.

Coat trends 2020: are you going to buy a coat this year? Then please one of these!
Coat trends 2020: are you going to buy a coat this year? Then please one of these!

We are in the middle of the transition period. Or to put it another way: meanwhile we freeze in our light trench coats, shackets and leather jackets on the way to work. Whether we like it or not, it's time to dust off our winter coats, take them to the cleaning service and hang them up in the front of the cloakroom again.

Do you want to know which of your coats are (again) trendy this year, or do you even want to treat yourself to a new coat? We present you the 6 most important coat trends in 2020. Who - so much has already been revealed - like us, has a whole army of cloaks at home, will find one or the other acquaintance …

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These 6 coats are absolutely trendy in winter 2020

1. Faux fur coats and teddy coats

For the last two winter seasons, fur coats - fake fur, of course - and coats in teddy fabric have been totally in trend. So the chances are high that you already own one! They are warm, fluffy and upgrade simple outfits immediately! In terms of color, everything is allowed. Nevertheless, we like it best in the classic shade of camel!

2. XXL coats

The XXL trend is not flattening out either. The best? Under the baggy coats you can wear what feels like a hundred layers of sweaters, sweatshirts and bodysuits without it getting tight. Take a look around your dad's or grandparents' closet - maybe there's an unseen treasure buried there!

3. Quilted coats

Quilted coats were also seen sporadically in stores last year. But this year they finally have their big gig. Ultra-warm and chic at the same time? We take!

4. Down coats

Fortunately, down coats are now also available in fake down or even with a flower filling. So no geese have to suffer and we still stay warm. In general, puffer coats are THE secret weapon against freezing temperatures and the Austrian winter rainy weather. So that the look doesn't look so "puffed", we recommend tight trousers or dresses to go with the look.

5. Masculine wool coats

Hardly any coat is as versatile as a strictly cut wool coat in an oversize look. Here, too, it is worth taking a look in the closet of (older) relatives or loved ones. Particularly cool? Sweater, scarf and coat in a monochrome look.

6. Trench coats

Yes. We just complained upstairs that the trench coats are slowly getting too cold for us, but as we know, the winters of recent years have been quite mixed. The 15-degree December days will come. And then we are well served with a classic trench coat. By the way, this year they come in more unusual cuts and materials. Hot tip: leather!

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