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This jewelry trend is the perfect DIY project
This jewelry trend is the perfect DIY project

Colorful plastic and glass beads were already the absolute jewelry trend in the nineties. Now the playful necklaces are back - and we'll make them ourselves! The perfect DIY project for the cold season!

Glass pearl necklaces are all the rage again - and you should just make them yourself!
Glass pearl necklaces are all the rage again - and you should just make them yourself!

Even in elementary school we strung them together with devotion: colorful pearls. Made of glass, plastic, round, rectangular, square, glittery or semi-transparent. They were the perfect DIY pastime when cell phones were still a foreign word, a symbol of friendship and a fashion accessory at the same time. Now you can see the playful necklaces and bracelets heaped on singers, actresses and fashionistas alike.

Dua Lipa shows herself with the fashion jewelry of the hour

And we think it's great. Right now the world needs a little more wink, color and glitter. And instead of getting the trend straight away in the fashion house, we'd rather get our best friends together and organize a handicraft lesson together. (Or we work together with the kids. They are just as enthusiastic about the chains as we were 30 years ago!)

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This jewelry trend speaks for itself

How do I combine the children's chains for everyday use?

So that the trend doesn't seem so childish to us, we prefer to layer the parts with real pearls and cool link chains. Otherwise: Prove your sense of humor. This is exactly what is good for us now. With different letters you can not only write your own name, but also make a comment on current affairs, as can be seen with the jewelery label √Čliou above.

DIY: In this set you will find everything you need for the cool chains

This is what you need for your DIY chain

  • Nylon thread
  • Lobster clasp
  • Pearls of your choice
  • Crimp beads
  • Needle (optional)
  • scissors

You can get the material for the chains at handicraft supplies or online. In terms of craftsmanship, you really don't have to have anything to do with it. All you need is a little patience while threading it. Broken down, you don't pay 3 euros for a finished chain. So it's not only a very meditative hobby, but also an inexpensive hobby!

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