This unexpected winter accessory is better than any scarf
This unexpected winter accessory is better than any scarf
neck warmer
neck warmer

Sometimes trends catch you unexpectedly. And leave an even stronger impression. So it happened to me with a winter accessory that is actually so banal that you wouldn't even think of recommending it. But the fake turtleneck neck warmer is just that good. Yes, I don't have a better - more stylish - name for this mix of scarf and fake collar. Some call it "neck warmer", others say "bib" to it, that is, bib. In the end, I'm talking about the following creation:

These knitted, quilted, soft, cozy, thick bibs will slowly but surely conquer the world of winter accessories. Why? I have several reasons for you:


Do you know that when your coat no longer closes because the scarf underneath is simply too bulky - no matter how much you straighten and fold it? Such open coat collars are a thing of the past thanks to the turtleneck insert!


Coats that are actually a little too thin can be worn for a while longer with the neck warmers. Because a warm chest and neck area suggests a certain basic warmth to the whole body.


Depending on which model you buy (cashmere, wool, polyester, viscose …) only a slight breeze comes to your neck. That means: (Hopefully) fewer colds, because the neck cools down under a badly wrapped scarf!


Even if that sounds like the worst sales pitch: I myself switched completely to neck warmer! My biggest dream in the past few years was a perfect cashmere scarf that should accompany me for the rest of my life. But since I've been walking around with a black turtleneck made of wool, the dream has moved a long way off.

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