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You have to wear these 5 rock outfit ideas in spring
You have to wear these 5 rock outfit ideas in spring

Get out of the jogger, into your skirts - spring is here! We'll tell you how to combine the new It parts.

You have to wear these 5 rock outfit ideas in spring!
You have to wear these 5 rock outfit ideas in spring!

Skirts have been around for thousands of years. More specifically, records can be traced back to 3,900 BC. Back then, trousers were only worn by men. A lot has happened since then - from wide hoop skirts to the legendary mini of the sixties. Today, brands can find pretty much every imaginable style: flowery, grungy, short, long, casual - nothing to be desired.

We took inspiration for spring on Instagram (and from our favorite celebrity ladies) and picked out five cute outfits that we definitely want to wear this year - and that anyone can style

1. Plaid skirts

We love the "clueless" style! Those who don't like the schoolgirl look can combine the tartan skirt with a t-shirt and sneakers. It gets preppy when Mary Janes and a cardigan are held.

2. Mini skirts

Hardly anyone does it better in terms of outfit than Bella Hadid! The mini skirt can be styled in countless ways, we especially like the approach of the top model: Get a blazer that goes with the skirt; Sneakers make the look casual. 2000s vibes brings a crop top!

3. Pleated skirts

Bring on the wrinkles! Midi-length pleated skirts are among the textile stars of the season! Not only do they swing fantastically to the beat, they can also be perfectly displayed in the office! A short blazer or blouson creates a feminine, edgy silhouette.

4. Jeans skirts

Jeans skirts are totally trendy one year and out of style the next. We are convinced: You can never go wrong with this outfit. Minimalist heels and a pure white shirt are even good in the office. It gets more casual with a simple white shirt and sneakers.

5. Tennis skirts

A style that Gen Z brought back to the fashion tray. Zoë Kravitz shows how the look looks coolest - with an oversized shirt and sneakers. On TikTok, on the other hand, it is combined with an oversized sweatshirt and turtleneck underneath.

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