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Shoe trends 2021: We'll wear these shoes in the New Year
Shoe trends 2021: We'll wear these shoes in the New Year

How do we successfully distract ourselves in Lockdown 3.0? Right. With online shopping. You should buy these shoe models now!

Shoe trends 2021: We'll wear these shoes in the New Year!
Shoe trends 2021: We'll wear these shoes in the New Year!

The shoe trends in 2021? They are such a feast for the eyes that we'd love to buy a pair of every trend. Our great luck? We (and probably you too) even have some models for the 21st year in our shoe cupboard!

The trend is definitely going in a similar direction to 2020. In particular, the coarse forms will remain with us and will reach the next level. Of course, that doesn't mean that feminine designs are out. But on the contrary: There is something for everyone! We give you an overview here!

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Shoe trends 2021: We are now into these shoes

1. Trekking sandals

What the dad sneakers have been in recent years have been the rough trekking sandals since last season - and by 2021 at the latest. The ruffles we HATED in our childhood are now all the rage and are even produced by fashion houses like Chanel. That's right.

2. Kitten heels

We also found kitten heels last season. Why do we love the little heels so much? Because they straighten our legs without us dying of foot pain after just under two hours in our shoes. They can also be combined in many ways. Top!

3rd plateau

Platform heels also accompany us every few years anew, which is why we once again make a plea to always keep shoes that are still in good shape in order to be able to wear them again a few years later. We especially love platform loafers!

The motto here is:The wilder the better! If the rest of the outfit is kept calm, the shoe shines as an eye-catcher!

4. Combat boots

You should hit the tough kicks quickly, as they keep us warm and cool at the same time on rainy-wintry days. By the way, the ultimate fashionistas rely on the overknee version!

5. Wedge Heels

Even cowboy boots are still in season. While we used to wear them mainly in the ankle boot version, you can now buy models that are knee-high.

Tip:The boat should never end at the widest part of the calf - that looks unfavorable!

6. UGGs - in the "shrunk" version

Stars like Kendall Jenner and Irina Shayk have a new shoe favorite: Ugg boots in the mini version. The shoes are probably the most cuddly trend of the season and we are slowly starting to like them again.

We prophesy: UGGs are * the * It-Schuh 2021.

7. Vintage sneakers

And last but not least, another alternative to tennis shoes aka dad sneakers: sneakers with a vintage flair. True to the motto "comfort is everything" we are slowly wearing the classics of the skate and basketball scene again this year. So out of the dust bag with the Adidas Originals!

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