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7 spring trends you should try
7 spring trends you should try

We promise: The time of sweatpants will come to an end and you will be fashionable again! That's why we've scanned all the trends for you and summarized the coolest (and most wearable!) Looks. Ready to go!

7 spring trends you should try!
7 spring trends you should try!

1. Off to the zebra stripes

Leopards take a short break from the trend, while zebras are very popular. The designers rely on all-over looks, the larger the area, the better. So it looks particularly elegant on maxi dresses or cool combination looks made of an XL blouse and Marlene trousers. We take!

2. We see the world pink now

What would the anticipation of the airy spring wardrobe be without pastel tones like pink? Right - unimaginable! In its “Fashion Color Trend Report” for 2021, the well-known Pantone color institute has, in addition to the colors of the year - “Illuminating” (a light yellow) and “Ultimate Gray” (no, no, a gray) - the nuance “Pirouette” as one of the chosen big color trends. Let's start with cute accessories …

3. Retro travel

If we can't fly away, let's dare a little journey back in time to the fashion era of the swinging sixties. Mini dresses with large collars, shorts and long-shaft boots make our fashion hearts beat faster again. Cool: extravagant jewelry makes the look look modern.

4. Think big

We have to admit: the size counts! Bags, in particular, cannot be big enough for us now. But be careful! It is tempting to load the XXXL-Bags to the brim, but it is not practical (because it is heavy!). It is better to reduce the content to a minimum and carry it coolly in your hand. There are extra style points for fine craftsmanship, e.g. from Maison Marcheval.

5. Crazy denims

Yes, we still really love our blue and black jeans! But: The denim alternatives that the fashion summer has in store for us are not without it either. They can be printed, with a patchwork design, fall into the batik pot, come in signal colors and even cover themselves with plastic. Either combine it with a denim shirt or with simple basics such as white T-shirts or blazers.

6. See through with shield shades

Of course, J. Lo already has it! Large-format, frameless sunglasses make us see the world more positively again. Because color-tinted glasses, for example in blue, yellow or pink, additionally refine the sophisticated shapes. If you dare, you can also wear XL earrings. Yes, we're in the mood for glamor again!

7. More is more: earring stacking

When it comes to jewelry, we can finally apply thicker layers again! Stacking, i.e. putting rings on top of each other, is something that fashionistas already master in their sleep. Now it's time to stylishly combine several earrings. Don't worry, we don't all have to go to the piercer now, the look also works with clips and earcuffs.

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